Publication of the new RADIO EQUIPMENT DIRECTIVE

Yesterday the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The RED is the successor of the former R&TTE-Directive, which was in force since 1999.

During the development the Political Relations Committee/EUROCOM had the chance to comment on the law a couple of times and in some points with success. We believe that the new formulation of the law will improve the power of the members states to actually trace and track down equipment put on the European Market, which do not fulfil the essential requirements of the directive. Furthermore the exceptions for amateur radio equipment were clarified as can be reviewed in appendix I of the law. Two major changes, which do not directly affect amateur radio is the fact, that terminal equipment is no longer in the scope and falls under the EMC directive now. Furthermore pure receivers are now in the scope, which may lead higher provisions in electromagnetic immunity.
The RED needs to be transcribed into national law within the next 2 years. We advice member societies to observe this process closely.

The Text of the RED can be downloaded here.