Call for Political Relations Committee (PRC) Members

As was decided in Sun City SC11_C3_Rec _03, IARU R1 will be forming a committee to be in charge for political relations under the following terms of reference:

1. That IARU Region 1 creates a permanent Political Relations Committee (PRC) consisting of members of the executive committee and Region-1 experts selected by the EC.

2. The PRC deals with relations with political and  governmental entities and related matters, with the following Terms of Reference:

i. The Region 1 Political Relations Committee, hereinafter referred to as "PRC", is an advisory body to the Executive Committee, formed according to Art. A.5 of the Constitution and Section B.3 of the Bye-Laws, It is a permanent body in the sense of B.3.10.

ii. PRC shall advise the EC on the matters relevant to monitoring of, or involvement in, works of political entities affecting the interests of the amateur radio services in any matter.

iii.  The PRC shall process material and undertake actions delegated to it by the EC. It is responsible to the EC. It is acting in consultation with other relevant Region 1 bodies, e.g. ERC, EMC Working Group, HF Committee, VHF/UHF Committee, Satellite Coordinator etc.

iv. The PRC shall consist of volunteers, persons of special knowledge from Region 1 Member Societies.

4. It is recommended that Member Societies of IARU Region 1 will inform the secretary of the EC of the names and addresses  of qualified persons in their Society who could participate in this committee (PRC).

5. The PRC Chairman should be a member of the EC.

6. The PRC takes over the tasks of the EUROCOM WG. The latter is then discontinued.

Following 2.iv an 4 of the TOF, I would kindly ask you to name persons who would like involve themselves in PRC work in next term.