European Community Sub-Regional Working Group (EUROCOM)

The EUROCOM SWG will maintain contact with the institutions of the European Union, specially the European Commission and the European Parliament, with the aim of:

a. Identifying the areas of concern in European legislation regarding Amateur Radio
b. Circulating information on these areas of concern to the members of the SWG as well as to the Secretary of IARU Region 1
c. Communicating those items of information which are considered to be of importance to Amateur Radio and which are not being acted upon within IARU Region 1 member societies via the SWG convenor to the European Community for their consideration.

The Eurocom SWG will advise the General Conferences of IARU Region 1 and in between Conferences the Executive Committee of IARU Region 1 on:

a. Optimum policies for dealing with current and future European Community legislation
b. Opportunities for acquiring support from the European Community for the development of Amateur Radio