Political Relations Committee Terms of Reference

The PRC deals with issues related to the European Institutions and other Region 1 polit-ical and governmental entities of a similar nature, with the following Terms of Refer-ence and objectives. The PRC shall:

• Monitor and research developments in relevant political forums which poten-tially impact the Amateur Service and Amateur-Satellite Service (the Amateur Services); 

• Advise the EC on the workings of supra-national political bodies on any matter which might impact the interests of the Amateur Services and process material and un-dertake actions delegated to it by the EC in respect of such bodies;

• Exchange information on political initiatives which might impact the amateur service;

• On request, advise Region 1 IARU MS on issues concerning the supra-national political forums which affect the Amateur Services; 

• Prepare submissions to the relevant forums (Involving others, especially SRLC and EMCC as appropriate) to represent and advocate the position of the Amateur Ser-vices and attend relevant meetings of political bodies to pursue these positions. 

The PRC shall work with other permanent Committees (SRLC, EMCC, C4 and C5) to identify potential threats to the Amateur and Amateur Satellite Services from legisla-tive, political or commercial pressures and agree with the RSMC and other relevant permanent bodies, strategies and measures to ensure that these threats are managed in a way that limits any adverse impact on the Amateur Services. .