Political Relations Committee

Parliamentary question on PLT now answered by European Commission

The EUROCOM WG introduced a parliamentary question (German, English) to MEP Birgit Sippel, the sponsor of the exhibition on amateur radio in the European Parliament about a year ago. She forward it to the commission to be answered in written form. Just recently the answer (German, English) was published, being rather evasive. EUROCOM plans to stick to the topic, trying to get a more precise answer.

Statement on the Single Market Act

In response to the Single Market Act Initiative (link) of the European Commission the EUROCOM WG responded with a statement, that can be download here (German only - link).

We mainly criticize the low value of the CE-Mark with respect to the EMC-Directive and the loss of market surveillance leading to many products entering the European market without showing sufficient compliance with the general EMC requirements.

News on R&TTE-Directive

Following a decision of the EUROCOM WG meeting in Friedrichshafen 2010, the EUROCOM WG has answered to the consultation request on the SECOND PROGRESS REPORT ON THE OPERATION OF DIRECTIVE 1999/5/EC to the Commission.

Now the Commission has answered and the answer can be reviewed here (link).

Following the answer I decided to formulate the view of the working group one more time and asked for a seat in the EMC Working Party, that should be given to the European Amateur Radio Community in a non-discriminatory way anyway. You can read this letter here (link)

Consultation on R&TTE-Directive

Following the publication of the SECOND PROGRESS REPORT ON THE OPERATION OF DIRECTIVE 1999/5/EC, the EUROCOM WG has now responded to the Commmission with a letter, that can be viewed (here).

TRIS discontinued

Following a decision of the EUROCOM WG in Friedrichshafen 2010, the TRIS service of the Working Group will be discontinued. Should a Member Society come to the conclusion that it is "really missing something" please contact me, and I will distribute the TRIS information from the Europan Commision directly to that MS via e-mail.