Political Relations Committee

Request of PLT Lobby rejected

Just recently the meeting of the EMC Working Party took place, where a decision on the parliamentary question - we recently reported here - was made. From a well-informed source we found, that the request of the PLT Lobby, to prolong the usage of the old EN55022:1998 was declined. Furthermore the EN55022:2006 will be in full force unchanged, when in October 2009 the old Version becomes void.

We are all glad, that this attempt of politics to intervene in standardization could be averted.

Parliamentary question on PLT

By means of a parliamentary question the PLT-lobby is trying to undermine the very principle of standardization. As can be read here, they claim towards the European Commission, that the new EN55022:2006 would not let them bring new PLT-devices to the market. This is untrue, because market placement can be done by technical construction file as clearly stated in the EMC-Directive. Furthermore there were 8 years to time to develop new technologies to meet the new standard.

Unfortunately the EU could actually try to make an exception in this case. Please inform yourself by following this link and help to avoid such a step by i.e. contacting your MEP on the subject.

Access PLT deployments

We all know, that PLT can be a great threat to amateur radio. To have a better view on how serious the situation is at the moment, it is important for the EUROCOM WG to have an idea about how many Access-PLT distributions really installed today throughout Europe.

Please forward any information on your countries access PLT situation to EUROCOM Working Group Chairman- Thilo Kootz, DL9KCE.

Thank you very much for saving Amateur Radio!

Parliament Exhibition 2010

As reported before I asked MEP Helmut Kuhne to sponsor our Parliament Exhibition 2010. Helmut Kuhne will not run another term, however he passes “us” on to his probable successor Mrs. Birgit Sippel. I sent the forms to him and his assistant Ingo Schiermeyer filed it to the EC administration. The Exhibition Request is now formally done, and already approved. The Exhibition will take place from April 26th until 30th 2010. In this planned week there will be some activity due to committee meetings and one plenary meeting of the parliament.

EMF Exposure / European Initiative 2008/2211(INI)

One new European Initiative 2008/2211(INI) just crossed my desk and I would like all of you to note it. The initiative asks for a European Parliament Resolution to implement stricter limits for RF exposure to increase the protection status of human. This could be very critical since the Recommendation (1999/519/EC) did use ICNIRP values, which are hard enough to fulfill in an amateur radio environment. Please read the details for yourself by downloading it.

If this topic becomes more important the Parliament Exhibition could be used to address this and explain the main differences between a professional transmitting site and a amateur radio station to the MEPs. I appreciate any feedback on how to proceed.