Political Relations Committee

Amendment to the EMC directive now in writing

As reported before (see article) the draft EMC Directive contained a new dangerous definition of electromagnetic disturbance in its first draft. IARU R1 PRC group had inserted a proposal for an amendment 31 to change the proposed definition of electromagnetic disturbance back to the current definition. The amendment was carried by a large majority.

Now we have written confirmation, because the Minutes of the IMCO committee have been published. Under Agenda Item 39 you can see that amendment No. 31 was accepted. In the list of Amendments you find our proposal text.

The first reading of the EMC Directive in the European Parliament is scheduled for Nov. 2012.

Amendment to the EMC directive in favor of Amateur Radio Service

The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) of the European Parliament has voted on an amendment to the new version of the EMC Directive of the European Commission. IARU R1 PRC group had inserted a proposal for an amendment 31 to change the proposed definition of electromagnetic disturbance back to the current definition.

The amendment was carried by a large majority.

At the end of last year, after the draft EMC Directive has been published, IARU R1 PRC had intervened at the highest political levels to prevent the new definition. In the worst case, the adoption of the draft with this new definition could have defined a wanted signal to suddenly become a disturbance.

The full discussion of the internal market committee is available as a WMV file (1.8 GB) at http://www.europarl.europa.eu/vod/vodservice/getVODForDownload?vodid=16075&format=wmv&type=2&lang=DE

Change of EMC Directive (Urgent - Dangerous)

As part of the NEW LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK (NLF) ALIGNMENT PACKAGE the European Commission is reworking some directives. One of the affected directives is the EMC directive including some major changes. Most of them are neutral or even good from an amateur radio operators perspective. However there is one slight change pickaback carried, which very much affects us.

In detail:

The definition of the term ‘electromagnetic disturbance’ will include the wanted signal of a radio as a possible source. This is not in line with the radio regulation of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and not in line with the vocabulary of the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC).

IARU Region 1 will respond to it with a letter soon.

However we strongly suggest, that you contact your local MEPs and tell them about this change in the EMCD, that is neither in line with the reasoning of the New Legislative Framework, nor does it help to improve protection of radio services or equipment.

Call for Political Relations Committee (PRC) Members

As was decided in Sun City SC11_C3_Rec _03, IARU R1 will be forming a committee to be in charge for political relations under the following terms of reference:

1. That IARU Region 1 creates a permanent Political Relations Committee (PRC) consisting of members of the executive committee and Region-1 experts selected by the EC.

2. The PRC deals with relations with political and  governmental entities and related matters, with the following Terms of Reference:

i. The Region 1 Political Relations Committee, hereinafter referred to as "PRC", is an advisory body to the Executive Committee, formed according to Art. A.5 of the Constitution and Section B.3 of the Bye-Laws, It is a permanent body in the sense of B.3.10.

ii. PRC shall advise the EC on the matters relevant to monitoring of, or involvement in, works of political entities affecting the interests of the amateur radio services in any matter.

iii.  The PRC shall process material and undertake actions delegated to it by the EC. It is responsible to the EC. It is acting in consultation with other relevant Region 1 bodies, e.g. ERC, EMC Working Group, HF Committee, VHF/UHF Committee, Satellite Coordinator etc.

iv. The PRC shall consist of volunteers, persons of special knowledge from Region 1 Member Societies.

4. It is recommended that Member Societies of IARU Region 1 will inform the secretary of the EC of the names and addresses  of qualified persons in their Society who could participate in this committee (PRC).

5. The PRC Chairman should be a member of the EC.

6. The PRC takes over the tasks of the EUROCOM WG. The latter is then discontinued.

Following 2.iv an 4 of the TOF, I would kindly ask you to name persons who would like involve themselves in PRC work in next term.

Talk on PLT with MEP Birgit Sippel

altToday EUROCOM WG (Thilo Kootz, DL9KCE, Kurt Meerkötter, DL8DMA) met MEP Birgit Sippel, the sponsor of IARU Region 1 European Parliament Expedition on Amateur Radio for a follow up talk. Mrs Sippel has posed a parliamentary question on the consequences of PLT equipment to the European Commission (See former article - link). EUROCOM WG and Mrs Sippel were both not very satisfied with the evasive answers the commission gave, and discussed today on how to proceed in making sure that especially vulnerable radio services in residential areas (like broadcast and the amateur radio service) can be protected in the future.

Depending on the progress in CENELEC standardization, Mrs Sippel whishes to support another parliamentary question to the commission, since the resource frequency is single and  irrecoverable. Therefore it needs legislative protection, which she is willing to plead for.