Young radio operators activate SK9HQ during IARU HF contest 2012

As a part of SSA’s youth initiative SK0YT, the Swedish youth team, will be manning SK9HQ in the IARU HF contest 14-15 July 2012. They will operate in a multimulti-drive, 160-10m SSB. QTH will be Kvarnberget, SK0UX. A total of seven youngsters will participate this time and the aim is to introduce "contest" and to give them the opportunity to practice operator technique. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the Swedish youngsters to try out contest and since SK9HQ has its own multiplier in the contest, they will be highly sought after. Take it easy with the new youngster at the SSA HQ-station.

Let's show the youngsters the best of world-wide contesting in a friendly way.