Kids Day experiences of Piotr SO9DXX

Piotr SO9DXX, currently 12 years old, received his Novice license one year ago in February 2012 when he was 11 years old. His interest in amateur radio had been aroused by his father SP9UPK.  Read the interview with Piotr about his experiencse of last Kids Day, which was held on 6 January 2013. 

What was your Kids Day location?
I prefer field activity, I went with my daddy by car to the nearby Protected Landscape Area “Wzgorze Doroty” (Dorothy Hill – eng.). It is just 365 meters above sea level with a  wonderful view. We did set up our equipment on the hill .

What was your favourite QSO during Kids day?
I remember a QSO with a Russian station RA3PCI, because we talked with Sergiusz in my native language. I am also very satisfied with RTTY QSO on 30 meters band with Marek SP3GVX, probably the propagation was not so good in this day due to the short distance - his signal was very low but the QSO was ok.  

How was Kids Day?
Kids Day is a really cool event for having fun with Amateur Radio. It was a fantastic day to use the radio equipment which I prepared the day before together with daddy. In this year the weather was quite just about zero degrees Celsius and a small snow was falling down. I met lots of interesting people on the air and improved my skills, also English. 
Special thanks to my mum for delicious cake and hot chocolate.    

You are also a member of the radio club SP9YFF, in what kind of activities are you participating with your club and what do you like about the club?
In my spare time, apart from schoolwork, I participate in the main club activities such as working from castles, national and nature parks in the World Castles Award and WFF program. I like being in the nature. Trying to make wire antenna’s with my dad, making QSO’s with the antenna’s and being active in the field area.

Besides Kids Day and your club, in which way are you active with the radio hobby?
Apart from club activities I try a little DX-ing, my goal in this year is to have 100 countries from the DXCC-list confirmed. I would also like to start learning Morse code.