International Youth team SH3Y active during CQ WPX SSB

After Youngsters On The Air 2012, Johan SM5F, Swedish Youth Coordinator of SSA, had the idea to participate with a youth team from “big gun station” SK3W. The choice went to the CQ WPX SSB contest in Multi/Multi mode.  This weekend, 30-31 March 2013, 16 young HAMs (under the age of 25) from Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Estonia and The Netherlands will travel to SK3W. Also a few youngsters without radio license will join us. We met them during Youngsters On The Air (as example the YOTA-cook). We all know you have to come in contact with the “radio-virus” first.

Updates from the youngsters will be placed on their facebook group page

Here also a link to the live webcam.