Youngsters On The Air 2014 Finland


yota2014At this moment Youngsters On The Air 2014 is taking place in Virrat, Finland. The event will go on till 22 July. The following 15 countries are participating with a youth team: Belgium, Finland, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Croatia.

We will take part in several amateur radio related activities, like ARDF, contesting, making QSO’s and soldering electronic kits. Besides the ham radio part we will work on reaching new competences, for example: improving your language skills and having discussions about cultural awareness, this all because main funder of this youth exchange is Erasmus+ program of European commission. To have an impression about the activities have a look on the program.

Follow us on the YOTA website where we will post updates of the week and make a QSO with us as OH2YOTA.