The Annual School Club EU – Day

 German Initiative AATIS invites school stations to be active on 5th of May 2015. This  activity is supposed to  bring contacts with and among school amateur radio club and  training stations and school girls and boys with  own callsigns as well as contacts with  every other station from all over Europe. The activity is a great way to  get young operators  on the air from their school shacks using their training call signs (or the school club's call  sign for irrelevant messages only – according to national law). Very often a new operator  will be intimidated by  the fear of not knowing what to say to the stranger on the other side  of the radio. The exchange of information  helps to overcome this fear in a low pressure contest format, it should not be made a "5-9-contest". Operators  are encouraged to take more time to chat beyond the exchange of the necessary details. A certificate of  participation will be issued for stations that send an excerpt from the log of the day. There is also the chance of  winning one of the fantastic prizes issued by AATiS. More information is available in this document.