ERASD Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society Youth Activities

The Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society ERASD, is the officially recognized membership organization for radio amateurs in Egypt. One of ERASD’s main objectives is to promote and improve amateur radio services and youth activities in Egypt through the participation in international and regional activities. ERASD prepared a plan for three years from 2011 until 2013 to Youth Activities. 

The plan divided into four points as Radio Activities, Education, Society's Station, Media, in this subject will talk about the first point Radio Activity. First it's great chance for youth to get useful information about Amateur. During the radio Activity ERASD providing educational programs and materials to promote amateur radio and develop the scientific and technical skills of the youth.

Last SU8JOTA activity was a great chance to the youth Boys and Girls to participates in the world youth event and see the Radio Amateur communications Technology in this context, ERASD is currently focused on simplifying science and technology to youth in general, and more particularly in areas related to emergency and Natural Disasters ERASD and the Cairo International Scout Center came together to organize the participation of junior Scouts in this international Scouting event.

The theme of the 54th Jamboree On The Air was:  Peace,   Environment and Natural Disasters. It was a great chance for youth to learn about the use of modern means of communications to help in saving lives, and to know how each and every Scout can prepare to intervene to save people in their communities during great natural or climatic disasters.  Scouts have shown that they know how to quickly and efficiently react. Scouts are often of great help for rescuers working on the ground, thanks to their self-sacrifice and determination; they are often on the front line during disasters that affect their immediate environment.

Simulated Emergency Test Why are Radio Amateurs and Scouts always there first when disaster strikes? During the JOTA weekend we organized a small-scale emergency test. It was a challenging activity in which an Earthquake emergency was simulated and Scouts responded using radio communications, techniques, materials and skills that they learned during this JOTA, such as how to install an amateur radio station and antennas. 

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