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19th IARU ARDF world championship

Written by Oliver Tabakovski, Z32TO


19th IARU ARDF world championship is officially open !

Hosting by KARL- Koreal Amateur Radio League, the championship is taking place in Sokcho, Republic of Korea.

Participants from 29 MS from all three regions take part at the championship.

Around 300 participats ( 190 male and 110 female ) attending the event.

Results and photos are available at the official site of the championship 

SARL to host the 2018 Youngsters on the Air (YOTA) Summer Camp

The League received a positive response from Lisa Leenders, PA2LS, the IARU Region 1 Youth WG Chairman, following the acceptance and approval of the SARL proposal to host the 2018 YOTA Summer Camp by the Region 1 Executive Committee. As it will be held in the southern hemisphere, it will be the YOTA Winter Camp!

This annual event brings together Young people from the Region 1 Member Societies for an entire week to create, in addition to amateur radio, an opportunity to learn all about different nationalities and cultures, foster international friendships and goodwill as well as to learn new skills.

Work started in early November 2017, when a working group was established to perform a realistic assessment of our ability to host the event in August 2018 and to compile a proposal for the League Council's approval and subsequent submission to Region 1.

The SARL and the South African YOTA Working Group are delighted with the response and we are looking forward to hosting a successful YOTA 2018 event as an unforgettable African experience that will be remembered for many years to come. Dr Gary Immelman, ZS6YI, has accepted the role as patron of the event.

The SARL President conveyed his sincere appreciation to the YOTA working group for their successful proposal and stated that this is a golden opportunity for the SARL and amateur radio in South Africa to make their mark in promoting amateur radio amongst the youth, locally and in Africa, in hosting the 2018 YOTA Winter Camp.

December YOTA Month

dymFinally it's December and we are excited to announce, that December YOTA Month (DYM) has officially begun! It is time to get on the bands again to spread the YOTA spirit and have fun while showing young people that amateur radio is not only alive, but also active and ready to grow as an activity even in a world, where communication is by other means faster. December YOTA Month also encourages us who already have our licenses to come together as a community and interact even more actively. The readiness and eagerness of societies around the world to partake is each year proved by the number of registered stations that we have; this year more than 35 stations with a YOTA suffix were registered and will be on the bands for all of us to try and make a QSO with.

If you are interested in knowing more about the stations taking part in DYM you can check the main website or the event’s website 

dym1Last but definitely not least, we always love to receive feedback on your experience during December YOTA Month as it is a mirror of our work and helps us improve! Furthermore it’s a great way to share impressions with fellow HAMs and everybody who for some reason is not able to get on the bands to feel included in the event. This is why we encourage you to send us your stories and of course pictures that we will share on our page.

With all the formalities out of our way, we wish you a December full of QSOs in the local club or at home and perhaps many new editions to the local amateur radio society. Don’t forget that December YOTA Month is not a competition – it’s all about having fun and spreading the spirit here!

See you in the log during December!


Finland emergency communications exercise 25-27 August

A National voluntary rescue service (Vapepa) exercise is being held in Finland this weekend ( 25-27 Aug ) , with the most activity taking place on Saturday. Radio amateurs will serve in local/regional exercises providing VHF Emergency communications on 6m, 2m, DMR etc. Digimodes are however preferred.
Their Radio Amateurs will also provide a Nationwide HF network on 60m and 80m using the Winlink system. That activity is focusing on four local Winlink access points between 3580 - 3605 kHz.

In total the exercise will have an estimated 1000 participants with 100 Radio Amateurs assisting.

If you hear traffic from this exercise please allow a clear frequency to allow amateur radio to be presented in the best possible way.

North American Nets activating for Hurricane Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey approaches the Texas coast in the USA, various nets are activating as part of the emergency response. In addition to tropical and hurricane-force winds along the Texas coast and further inland, the main concern with this storm is heavy rain and flooding in an area which has not has a hurricane make landfall for 9 years.

Many of the frequencies used will be outside Region 1 allocations in 80m and 40m but there are some in 20m which may suffer from European QRM if operators are not careful.

The US National Hurricane Centre station WX4NHC will activate at 1900UTC 25th August on 14.325 MHz

The Hurricane Watch Net is operating from 1500 UTC on their daytime frequency of 14.325.00 MHz. When the 20 meter band closes they are likely to move over to 7.268.00 MHz or from 0000 UTC.

VOIP Hurricane Net likely to activate at 2 PM EDT/1800 UTC on Friday 25th August

The Southern Territory SATERN Net will activate for one day (so far) on Saturday, 26 August 2017 during local daylight hours on its regular frequency of 7.262 MHz.

All radio amateurs are requested to listen carefully before transmitting to avoid QRM to Emergency activities.

International Youth Meeting and YOTA flag hand over at HAM Radio


Last weekend the IARU R1 International Youth meeting took place at HAM Radio Friedrichshafen. An enthusiastic group of young people and youth workers attended the meeting. Philipp DK6SP and Florian OE3FTA gave a presentation about their experiences in IARU R1’s youth contesting program at 9A1A. Find here the presentation.
The meeting ended with a discussion where many youngsters and youth coordinators shared their experiences on youth activities in several IARU R1 member societies. 
A few highlights:

  • HamCamp had this year more than 100 participants, mostly youth
  • A youth team activated for a weekend PA6YOTA and PD6YOTA from club station PI4CC
  • Many Italian youngsters attended the meeting and shared several activities, such as taking part in a contest from IY4FGM, the location where Marconi transmitted the first radio signals
  • OeVSV shared their positive experiences of hosting YOTA 2016 in Austria
  • Radio amateurs from Japan and the USA joined the meeting, with interest of bringing Youngsters On The Air to IARU Region 2 and 3

YOTA key and flag hand over
On Saturday afternoon the official YOTA flag was literally brought from OeVSV booth to the RSGB booth under loud cheering of a group of youngsters. With a ceremony at the RSGB booth the flag and morse key where handed over from the Austrian youngsters to the British youngsters. Which means YOTA UK is now almost going to start, with only 3 weeks left. We are looking forward to the event which will welcome more than 80 participants from around 30 member societies.

Call for application: Youngsters On The Air UK 2017

yota2017logoThe 7th edition of Youngsters On The Air will take place in the United Kingdom. The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) will be hosting this event led by its very own Youth Committee and supported by a dedicated organising committee.

The venue will be Gilwell Park, the home of Scouting, set in many acres of woodland north west of London, and easily accessible from a number of airports, the railway network and with good road access. The site has some great facilities and a dedicated radio shack, complete with a number of antenna towers and beams.

2017 will see a week of activities that comprises of a great mix of amateur radio related activities and general fun! Here’s a brief summary from the draft activities plan:

- Intercultural evening
- Visit to the historic Bletchley Park (home to the National Radio Centre and the codebreakers who managed to crack the Enigma code)
- A day in London to explore its Science Museum, famous landmarks, and maybe do some souvenir shopping
- Building your own radio kits
- UK Foundation Licence Practical Assessments and Exam
- Build your own radio receiver
- Take part in the EU HF Contest
- Operate the GB17YOTA station
- Rifle shooting , kayaking , raft building, archery , zip wire, leap of faith
- Antenna Building & SOTA Activation

Much more to come! It will be a great experience for all participants which they will never forget. To get a better feeling about this, have a look at the gallery and movies from previous events.

When: 5th to 12th August 2017

Each IARU R1 member society is invited to take part with a team. A team consist of maximum 4 persons, 3 Persons with the age 15-25 years plus one person who is dedicated as team leader.
All participants, including team leaders, should take part in the entire program.
We ask member societies to select motivated participants and preference to participants who have not attended a YOTA camp before.

Team leaders:
Team leaders should be appropriately qualified to lead young people and also able and willing to take part in the activity programme.
A team leader must be in the age range 18-30 years, the ability to manage a team of youngsters is most important.

Location: Gilwell Park, North London.

Fees: €50 per participant
All other costs (accommodation, food, activities) will be covered.
Travel to the UK is the responsibility of the visiting Team. The event will collect Teams from local airports (Luton, Stanstead, Heathrow) or Chingford Railway Station.

If your member society is interested to participate, please respond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 31st December 2016 by sending in this application form. Remember, there is a limit of 80 participants. Make sure you will apply in time. We will announce the participating countries shortly after the deadline.

For any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.