Information Programme for Handicaped Amateurs (IPHA)

IPHA requests update from member societies

IARU Region 1 IPHA coordinator, OD5RI - Riri have requested from Member Societies to complete the IPHA Questionnaire in order to maintain updated records on Handicapped Amateurs and various related activities in Region 1. Feedback is expected before April 15, 2011.

Check the IPHA - Information Programme for Handicapped Radio Amateurs section for more information.

Initial Feedback on the IPHA Survey

So far IPHA received 20 responses on the recent survey from the following Societies: ARA, BFRA, DARC, EARA, EDR, ERAU, HRS, IARC, MRASZ, NRRL, OEVSV, RAAG, RAL, ROARS, SARL, SRAL, SSA, UNARAF, URA, VERON.


10 Societies from the ones responded have an organization for disabled Amateurs: ARA, BFRA, DARC, EDR, HRS, IARC, MRASZ, UNARAF, URA, VERON.


8 Societies have an IPHA coordinator: ARA, DARC, HRS, IARC, RAL, SRAL, UNARAF, VERON.


Number of disabled Amateurs in IARU region 1 based on the survey is 630 disabled Amateurs divided as follows:

# of Handicapped Amateurs in IARU Region 1


The total number of disabled amateurs in IARU Region 1 remains unclear and further verification will be conducted to confirm the available count and get further information from the remaining Societies.Most organizations offer special courses to disabled amateurs and have special arrangements with the local Authorities.

IPHA Launches a survey to member Societies

A survey was launched at the General Conference in Cavtat, Croatia in an effort to collect as much information as possible about Handicapped Amateurs in IARU Region 1 and the various activities members Societies conducts in relation to the IPHA program.


Every Society is expected to complete the Survery and send back to the IARU Region 1 IPHA Coordinator.