Radio Bangladesh left 7105 kHz - successful action!

Success!  Radio Bangladesh has left 7105 kHz. They finished the experimental transmissions on 7105 kHz. Now they are usig 7250 kHz. Many thanks to the German BNetzA and all involved Hams.

Radio Bangladesh on 7105 kHz - reported by DJ9KR
Dear fellow intruder busters, since 13 August 2012 Radio "Bangladesh Betar" has been transmitting every day programs in English and Bengali language on the exclusive Amateur Radio frequency 7105 kHz. Here is the program schedule:

Time (UTC)     Program
*************     ***************************
1745-1800      carrier
1800-1900      English (General Overseas Service)
1900-1915      carrier and/or measuring tone
1915-2000      Bengali Service
2000-2015      carrier with white noise, 10 kHz spread The signal is very strong, S9+35dB at the 40-m-dipole of DJ9KR in southern Germany, the modulation is clear.

The homepage of R.Bangladesh Betar tells "7250 kHz" as transmission frequency. Will you please listen on the frequency and inform your national telecoms. authorities. Ask them to send an International Complaint to the telecoms. authorities of Bangladesh. Thank you for your good work! The radio amateurs of the world have the right to use their exclusive 40-m-band without the harmful interference of Radio "Bangladesh Betar". URL of R.Bangladesh Betar with tx-ion sked:

Wolf Hadel DK2OM, Coordinator of IARU-MS Region 1
Uli Bihlmayer DJ9KR, Vice Coordinator of IARU-MS Region 1