HB9CET now IARUMS Region 1 Vice Co-ordinator

HB9CET, Peter Jost, has been confirmed by our working group as IARUMS Region 1 Vice Co-ordinator.  Read Peter´s introduction:

First my very best wishes, best of health and prosperity in 2013

Thank you most sincerely for your trust and confidence in me as new Vice-Coordinator IARUMS R1 and successor of Uli, DJ9KR. I will proudly fulfill this task, being firmly convinced that our monitoring job remains very important and indispensable also in the future.

My specialism are digital emissions and I\'m broadly equipped with several modernest analysis tools from Wavecom. Running a remote site with a Perseus SDR and several antennas at a calm location;  soon extendet by a Winradio G33DDC SDR rx. At home I use KX-3, IC-7600 and IC-8500.

Hope that I may see as many as possible of you in Friedrichshafen 2013 at the next Ham-Radio 2013. Will be there all 3 days.
vy 73

Peter A. Jost, HB9CET

USKA liaison officer to Swiss authorities (BAKOM)
USKA monitoring coordinator