Xizang Peoples Broadcasting Service PBS QSY off 40 m

QSP note received today from dedicated Radio Amateur and BCL Wolfgang Bueschel DF5SX about the shift of Xizang PBS (Lhasa) off 7125 kHz / 7170 kHz to 7255 KHz / 7450 kHz. The reporter is BCL Olle Alm from Sweden.

In the beginning of April DJ9KR sent:

1. an ordinary letter to the Embassy of the PR China in Berlin complaining about the BC stations from PR China

2. a fax to the telecoms. authorities of PR China in Beijing.

No answer, so far. However the removal of Chinese BC off 7100 - 7200 kHz is a good response. Let us keep our fingers crossed that the remaining stations in the range 7100 - 7200 kHz will also follow higher than 7205 kHz.