Broadcast Stations still Transmitting in the Range 7100 – 7200 kHz‎

A Report by the  Wireless Institute of Australia (March 26, 2009)‎

See list of Broadcast Intruders still transmitting in the Range 7100 – 7200 kHz!‎

Check the screen shot covering 7100 - 7200 kHz, taken 20 May 2009 from 0000 - 2400 UTC (Source: DARC MONITORING SYSTEM Intruder Watch)

At 0001 on Sunday March 29, 2009, a brand new HF transmission season will commence. This ‎will be A09 season, and it will mark the end of SW broadcasting in the 7100 – 7200 kHz spectrum, ‎a frequency range allocated from that date exclusively on a worldwide basis to the Amateur Radio ‎Service.‎

This new schedule season will be the long one – seven months – and continuing zero sunspot ‎activity will compel international broadcasters to move into the spectrum below 12 MHz for long ‎distance transmissions over darkness or semi-darkness paths.‎ The spectrum above 12 MHz will be used mainly for transmissions following sunlit or partial sunlit ‎paths.‎

Broadcasters attempting to secure reliable trans-continental coverage above 12 MHz on darkness ‎or semi-darkness paths will be in for a ruse shock, as propagation will not support such operations ‎whilst sunspot activity remains at zero. Advance data indicates that some broadcasters are ‎planning the continued use of the 7100 – 7200 kHz spectrum, in blatant violation of the new ‎allocations, and the various Amateur Intruder Watch organizations will be monitoring such illegal ‎activity.‎

Here are some pointers about resolution of intruder violations into exclusive Amateur ‎Radio Service frequency ranges:‎

‎1. The ITU does not enforce the Radio Regulations‎
‎2. Only national governments can enforce the Radio Regulations, usually through their ‎telecommunications administrations, and only within their own Jurisdictions
‎3. The national Amateur Radio society in each country can and should be a focus for Amateurs to ‎communicate with their government about intruders. Your national society is a lever which you can ‎use to get your government to do something
‎4. The national government of any country can influence the actions of the governments of other ‎countries where intruders might be located, and the procedures for doing so are not so ‎complicated as some bureaucrats would have you believe. (…)‎

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