Military Transmissions in the Amateur Bands

The following is an extract of  CHAPTER VII Special Provisions for Radio / Article 48 of the ITU Convention that covers rules in regard to transmissions from the military.

CHAPTER VII Special Provisions for Radio


Installations for National Defense Services

No. 202. §1 Member States retain their entire freedom with regard to military radio installations.

No. 203. §2  Nevertheless, these installations must, so far as possible, observe statutory provisions relative to giving assistance in case of distress and to the measures to be taken to prevent harmful interference, and the provisions of the Administrative Regulations concerning the types of emission and the frequencies to be used, according to the nature of the service performed by such installations.

No. 204. §3  Moreover, when these installations take part in the service of public correspondence or other services governed by the Administrative Regulations, they must, in general, comply with the regulatory provisions for the conduct of such services.