Monitoring System (IARUMS)

Radio Afghanistan on 7200 kHz

DJ9KR reports: On November 28th, "National Radio of Afghanistan" is again on 7200 kHz. I  have heard it at 1530 UTC.  It is still on at 1620 UTC, and certainly as yesterday, will s/off at 1630 UTC. The signal is S9+15dB with my dipole. At 1530 UTC it announces "This is National Radio of Afghanistan" with a QRG of 6100 kHz. However this QRG is NOT active. National Radio of AFG is really transmitting on 7200 kHz (carrier) and covering 7195 - 7205 kHz. Will you please inform your National Telecoms Authorities. I have already done so with the German "Federal Network Agency", which will file an International Complaint. Thank you for your assistance! Recording of the announcement by DJ9KR:  click here!

Russian taxi-interference on 28 MHz

DJ9KR (Uli) reports:

Dear fellow Intruder Busters,

More than a year ago (24 October 2010) I asked the Headquarters of SRR, Box 88, 119311 Moscow (attention Roman R. Thomas RZ3AA, Yuri B. Malyuk RA4AR)  for assistance because of the big number of illegal taxis in Russian language in FM in the range 28000 - 29700 kHz. The letter was by Air Mail and by e-Mail. Unfortunately I received no answer so far. So I decided to contact the Russian telecom authorities directly. On 29 September 2011 I sent my complaint by fax and Registered Air Mail to the Radio Frequency Service, General Radio Frequency Centre, Federal State Unitary Enterprise, 7 Tverskaya Str., Moscow 125375. To my surprise on 31 October 2011 I received an answer by fax re. RUS / CIS taxis in the range 28000 - 29700 kHz. 

Here is the answer from Moscow: read more ...

Codar Radar on 24 MHz stopped

The Codar HF Radar on 24920 - 25080 kHz from Northern Italy has been stopped. A further example for an effective cooperation! Many thanks to DJ9KR, G4BOH and 9A5W for assistance and of course grateful words to the British PTT (OFCOM) and the German PTT (BNetzA) for excellent bearings and help. We will observe this band daily in the future, hoping that the Radar will not come back again. The system is now transmitting on 25520 kHz. Why not earlier?

Intruder Alert System - worldwide cooperation!!

ZL1GWE - John (NZART) reports:

Intruder Watch Story

Well an interesting time has been had by all in the past week.  

A Radio Amateur in Northern California, inadvertently pushed a keyboard up to his keyer, which produced a stream of dots at 25 WPM for well over a week.

An international effort from Region 3 bringing in Region 1 via the Intruderwatch and various posts to DX Clusters and Yahoo groups eventually resulted in the Radio Amateur being contacted via the ARRL in the USA.  Signal reports were received from Europe, USA, Afica and Australia and New Zealand (who heard it first and raised the alarm).The resultant HF DF hunt resulted in a solid triangulation on the USA states from Radio Amateurs from all over the world.Finally, we can only imagine a slightly embarrassed Radio Amateur within the US was contacted and the stream nicknamed "Dotty" ceased yesterday.Excellent collaboration throughout the Intruderwatch organisations across Europe, USA and New Zealand, which could only have occurred with the support of the Radio Amateurs who participated in the hunt, providing signal and reports.    For a week the 18085.5 signal was an excellent HF beacon for propagation. Another exciting tale from the NZART Monitoring Service. who says monitoring is boring?