Monitoring System (IARUMS)

Voice of Turkey on 10110 and 14210 kHz has gone

The “Voice of Turkey” on 10110 kHz and 14210 kHz with two Intermodulation Products has gone. Big Signals with S9+35dB!

On 6 April Wolf Hadel, DK2OM, found a strong BC station on 10110 kHz. The transmitter was carrying a program in Turkish language. On 8 April Gerhard Schweidler, OE3GSA, from OeVSV reported another strong BC on 14210 kHz also in Turkish language to me. It was also carrying a program in Turkish language. I checked the frequencies. The jingles of the BCs told me, that the “Voice of Turkey” was broadcasting on two amateur radio frequencies. I immediately informed the German telecommunications authorities “Federal Network Agency” (Bundesnetzagentur) and, by means of Internet, the intruder watches of IARU Regions 1, 2, and 3. I realized that on both frequencies besides the very loud program in Turkish voice there was also audible a second program very faintly in the background: On 10110 kHz a program in English voice, and on 14210 kHz a program in German voice. So I was sure that both frequencies were not fundamentals or harmonics, but intermodulation products (IMs). I looked for the same program in Turkish language lower and higher than 10100 kHz and quickly found “Voice of Turkey” on 9460 kHz with S9+50dB. By means of this frequency I was able to find out the other frequencies which had led to the two IMs:

9785 kHz x 2 –  9460 kHz =  10110 kHz

11835 kHz x 2 – 9460 kHz = 14210 kHz

The “knitting pattern” of the Intermodulation:

The program in Turkish language was already in course on 9460 kHz. When 9785 kHz (English voice) was switched on, 10110 kHz was “generated”. When 11835 kHz (German language) was switched on, 14210 kHz was “generated”. When the interference had already lasted longer than one month, I sent letters by post and email to the Turkish Radio Television Corporation in Ankara and also to the Turkish amateur radio club. I never got an answer from the “Voice of Turkey”. From the President of the Turkish Amateur Radio Society, OM Aziz Sasa TA1E, I received an email by 26 May. He asked me, if the interference was still lasting on. In the evening of 26 May I checked both frequencies, and, oh wonder, 10110 kHz and 14210 kHz were without interference! Of course I do not exactly know who finally helped to QSY the Voice of Turkey off our ham bands. My sincere thanks go to Gerhard Schweidler, OE3GSA, and Alex Wagner, OE3DMA, from OeVSV-Austria bandwatch, to Wolf Hadel, DK2OM, “my” vice coordinator of DARC-MS. Also I want to thank engineer Edmund Grim of Federal Network Agency at Konstanz, Germany and his office. Thanks also to everybody who has helped in this case. Read more !!!

USKA February Monitoring Report

Peter, HB9CET published his USKA monitoring report for February. Within the USKA News he mentioned the importance of international teamwork and the big success by IARUMS with the "Radio Golos Rossii (=Voice of Russia)" action, showing also the signal and its lower sideband reaching down almost 5 kHz into the 40m ham band. For more information or News visit USKA homage. For full story click here or check the USKA Monthly reports.

Voice of Russia moved from 7200 to 7265 kHz

DJ9KR reports: Radio Golos Rossii (=Voice of Russia) was first heard on 7200 kHz on 1st February 2011 and reported to IARU-Monitoring System by PA0GRU, OM Dick. On 2nd February I heard the station myself and immediately informed the German telecoms. authorities "Federal Network Agency". They took a fix pointing to St. Petersburg, Russia. At the same time Wolf Bueschel DF5SX informed Mikhail Timofeyev at St. Petersburg TX center. Wolf also gave me the email addresses of some officers at "The General Radiofrequency Centre" in Moscow. Wolf wrote to me: "I advised Mikhail at St. Petersburg Russia tx center to use Golos Rossii program on 7460 kHz instead of 7200 kHz." However Mr Timofeyev showed a stubborn attitude: He wrote to me and to Wolf: Amateur Radio Band is 7000 - 7200 kHz, BC-band is 7200 - 7300 kHz, so both Golos Rossii and the radio amateurs are allowed to use the frequency 7200 kHz. If there is an interference to the ham radio service the Radio Amateurs may QSO down to avoid interference. Immediately I also sent a "Letter of Complaint" and asked for a frequency shift off the exclusive amateur radio frequency 7200 kHz. Also I added a screenshot (made by Peter HB9CET, USKA Monitoring System) showing the signal of Golos Rossii and the lower sideband of Golos Rossii reaching down almost 5 kHz into the ham radio band. On 8 Februay I received a short email from Mr. Alexey Vesnin from "The General Radio Frequency Centre" in Moscow informing me: "I moved 7200 to 7265. For me it is easy :-) Are you happy? Best regards, Alexey "

Of course I am happy, and certainly the community of Radio Amateurs, too. This really was a quick solution!

Thank you, dear Alexey Vesnin from The General Radiofrequency Centre in Moscow.
My thanks also go to PA0GRU, Dick; to Wolf Bueschel DF5SX and to the "Federal Network Agency" for their help. 
Ulrich Bihlmayer DJ9KR - IARU MONITORING SYSTEM Region 1

Voice of Russia on 7200 kHz

DJ9KR reports: Since February 1st, 2011 the Russian BC Radio Station "Golos Rossiye" (= Voice of Russia) is transmitting programs in Russian language on the exclusive Amateur Radio frequency 7200 kHz with quite high power. This is causing very harmful interference to the Amateur Radio Service world wide, which has an exclusive allocation for the range 7000 - 7200 kHz. The location of the transmitter is St. Petersburg, RUS.  The transmissions are from 0800 - 1500 UTC with S9+35dB in my shack. My antenna is a dipole.  Please inform your National telecoms. authorities and invite them to write an "International Complaint". I have already sent an email and a fax to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Berlin. Also I have made a phone call ( 0049 - 30 - 229 - 11 10 " or "0049 - 30 - 229 - 11 29 ". E-mail-address of the Russian Embassy Berlin is: " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "  The fax-address is: 0049 - 30 - 229 - 93 - 97. DJ9KR´s complaint to "Voice of Russia" - Read more!