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Radar Systems on Shortwave

If you need information about "Radar Systems on Shortwave", you can download my latest PDF-File, 10 MB. Commercial use is not allowed.   Download now.  

IARUMS R1 Intruderlogger

Dear friends, please observe our IARUMS Region 1 "Intruderlogger" and the current (or older entries). You can login with your call or nickname. . You can store your observations and measurements in real time mode.

All India Radio QRM on 7 MHz stopped

The harmful interference by an All India Radio transmitter on 7410 kHz is finished, 7000 - 7040 clear again. Mission accomplished.  Read more!

7000 kHz disturbed again

7410 kHz – All India Radio with spurious emissions - no end!
 The screenshot below is showing the spurious emissions by All India Radio on 7000 Hz on Dec. 17th at 1900 UTC in  Central Europe. I found the broadband signal the first time on Dec. 1st and believed to hear a military signal. Later I found out, that All India Radio was transmitting on 7410 kHz and producing strong spurious emissions on 6860 – 7040 and 7800 - 7880 kHz. (80 kHz spread!) Together with Mr. E.G. from the German PTT (BNetzA) I took measurements and bearings. The German PTT filed an official complaint to the Indian authority. Grateful words to HB9CET, DJ9KR, PA2GR, VK4TJ for observations and to VU2GMN for actions. Thanks to the German PTT (BNetzA) for the fast support.  I was rather astonished, that I did not get any complaint or request by radio  amateurs for more than 4 weeks of disturbations. On Dec. 24th 7000 kHz seemed to be clear. On Dec. 25th  and the following days the disturbations were back again. The emissioins on 7410 kHz and the spurious emissions stop at 2030 or 2100 UTC. Please inform your national PTTs for further complaints!

Season´s Greetings from DK2OM!

Radio Afghanistan on 7200 kHz

DJ9KR reports: On November 28th, "National Radio of Afghanistan" is again on 7200 kHz. I  have heard it at 1530 UTC.  It is still on at 1620 UTC, and certainly as yesterday, will s/off at 1630 UTC. The signal is S9+15dB with my dipole. At 1530 UTC it announces "This is National Radio of Afghanistan" with a QRG of 6100 kHz. However this QRG is NOT active. National Radio of AFG is really transmitting on 7200 kHz (carrier) and covering 7195 - 7205 kHz. Will you please inform your National Telecoms Authorities. I have already done so with the German "Federal Network Agency", which will file an International Complaint. Thank you for your assistance! Recording of the announcement by DJ9KR:  click here!