24890-24990 kHz

The 12 meter band

IARU Spectrum Requirement

The needs of the amateur and amateur-satellite services would be best served by an allocation of 250 kHz in this vicinity.


The band 24890 – 24990 kHz was allocated to the amateur service at WARC-79, but full implementation was delayed for several years pending re-accommodation of fixed service stations. Now, most administrations permit amateurs to use this allocation. It has proven to be very popular, particularly at those times when the MUF is below the wider and extremely popular 28-MHz band. Monitoring indicates that amateur utilisation of this band is higher than the utilisation of adjacent bands by other services.


Norway allows amateur operations in a wider range. 24740-24890 kHz is allocated to the amateur service on secondary basis, 1kW  (6 kHz max bandwidth)