Examination Question Banks

HAREC - Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate

This IARU Region 1 webpage contains details of banks of questions to be used in examinations at the HAREC licence level. These banks will be useful for EXAMPLES OF QUESTIONS to:

- CEPT and non-CEPT Administrations who wish to run radio amateur examinations and who are short of questions and resources.

- Candidates who wish to practice the examination as part of their training programme.

These banks will help in harmonising the standards for the examinations across the CEPT countries and non-CEPT countries who have joined, or wish to join, the CEPT licence process.

The banks contain questions in English, German, French since they are the principal languages used in the HAREC. In addition details of banks in Italian, Finnish and Swedish are included here.

Whilst 'OWNERS' are responsible for the maintenance question banks 'USERS' are responsible for their use in examinations and training courses. No liability for errors or omissions rests with IARU. USERS are reminded that copyright may exist in certain cases, contact the bank OWNER if there is any doubt.

Licence Title Owner Language Bank size Location URL Last update
USA Extra Class ARRL English 738 USA Extra July 2008
New Zealand General NZART English 630 New Zealand General December 2006
Switzerland Novice HB3 and HAREC HB9 BAKOM French 399 French October 2008
Switzerland Novice HB3 and HAREC HB9 BAKOM German 399 German October 2008
Switzerland Novice HB3 and HAREC HB9 BAKOM Italian 399 Italian October 2008
Finland FICORA Finnish/Swedish ? Finnish/Swedish December 2000
Germany Class A (HAREC) and E Bnetz German ? German Class A & E October 2006
Germany Class A (HAREC) Bnetz German ? German Class A February 2007
Belgium BIPT




Belgium FR

Begium NL



Notes on examination procedures

1. In Germany there are three questionnaires with amateur radio question banks. The questionnaire for the part "technical knowledge for class A" complies with the technical part of the detailed HAREC syllabus. The questionnaire which contains the parts for "operational and regulatory knowledge for class A and E" complies with the respective parts of the HAREC and Novice syllabi. To get class A someone has to pass an exam with questions from both of the afore mentioned questionnaires. To get class E someone has to pass an exam with questions from the questionnaire for the part "technical knowledge for class E" and from the questionnaire for "operational and regulatory knowledge for class A and E". The questionnaire for the "technical knowledge for class E" complies with the ERC Report 32 only. For radio amateurs with class E it is possible to get class A by passing an additional exam which consists only of the technical part for class A. But it is not necessary to pass the technical exam for class E in order to get class A if directly requested.

2. The amateur radio examination system of the USA has a different way to facilitate an upgrade between its classes. It is necessary to pass the elements for the Technician, General and Extra before someone can get the Extra which has a total of requirements that is HAREC compliant. Therefore the question banks of all elements of the USA amateur radio classes are necessary to reach the HAREC-Level, but considered as stand-alone question banks especially Technician and General related elements are of course not sufficient for HAREC -level. Question banks for Technician and General Class can be found at http://www.ncvec.org/page.php?id=349 and http://www.ncvec.org/page.php?id=350 respectively.

3. A similar progressive examination system to that in 2. is also used in the United Kingdom.

Study Material, books and websites for HAREC

Title Author Topics covered Language(s) Web Address URL
Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur Mark ON4WW and John ON4UN Recommended Guide to correct radio amateur operating and behavior More than 25 Languages Ham Radio Operating Ethics Homepage 
International Amateur Radio Examination Manual R.C.Whelan G3PJT Study aid and useful as a reference book for all radio amateurs English RSGB Shop
English Practice Examinations UK Full licence (HAREC)   Mock United Kingdom Amateur Radio questions and answers English Hamtests Website
Questions for Radio Amateurs (QADV) Murray Ward  G3KZB Program QADV consists of multiple choice questions to help students revise for the International exam. (HAREC). English QADV

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