Spectrum and Regulatory Liaison Committee (SARLC) Terms of Reference

The SARLC, although termed a “Committee” is in fact a group of individual experts who are personally involved in work for IARU in relations with regulatory and standards or-ganisations. Individually and collectively, under the leadership of the Chair of the SARLC, they establish the policy and strategic direction IARU Region 1 should take in the Inter-national Telecommunication Union (ITU) and in Region 1, Regional and Sub-Regional Telecommunication Organisations (RTOs) e.g. ASMG (Arab Spectrum Management Group), ATU (African Telecommunication Union), CEPT (Conférence Européenne des administrations des Postes et Télécommunications) and RCC (Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications) on matters of importance to the interests of the Amateur Services (e.g. spectrum management, licensing and spectrum engineering). The Chair identifies and commissions Region 1 experts to represent IARU at meet-ings/conferences of these organisations in accordance with the following Terms of Ref-erence and objectives. 

• Monitor and research developments in relevant regulatory forums which poten-tially impact the Amateur Service and Amateur-Satellite Service (the Amateur Services); 

• Advise the EC on the workings of RTOs affecting any matter which might impact the interests of the Amateur Services and process material and undertake actions dele-gated to it by the EC in respect of these bodies; Prepare submissions on regulatory and spectrum management issues detailing the views, concerns and objectives of the Amateur Services within the overall envelope of IARU’s global strategies;

• For ITU issues work closely with the IARU officers and experts from IARU Regions 2 and 3 to arrive at common positions to take in RTOs worldwide;

• Liaise with PRC on matters arising in the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) and Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC) of the European Commission; 

• Provide advice on regulatory concerns to IARU MS and coordinate actions in core areas in support of IARU Region 1 or IARU global spectrum strategies; 

• Liaise with EMCC concerning relevant issues raised in CEPT by ETSI and CENELEC, including any proposals to amend ETSI EN 301 783. 

Members of the SRLC, and particularly the Chair, shall work with other permanent Committees (PRC, EMCC, C4 and C5) to identify potential threats to the Amateur Ser-vices from regulatory pressures and agree with the PRC and other relevant permanent bodies, strategies and implementation to ensure that these threats are managed in a way that limits any adverse impact on the Amateur Services.