Abidjan ADP update

The Abidjan ADP was opened officially by the secretary general of ATU (Africa  telecommunication Union) our  RTO.  In his  address, Mr AKOSSI showed  a  very big  knowledge on amateur  radio service and  insisted on the  importance  of  the  service  specially  during  disasters and  his  organisation is always  supportive  to  amateur radio services. Mr  Akossi  have  participated to the  work  of  the ADP  during  these three  days. Mr Koffi Simon  from  ATCI (national Telecom regulatory Agency  in Cote d’Ivoire) who  is  very  supportive to ARAI and  to amateur  radio attended the opening ceremony. Pictures from the event are posted in the STARS photo album.

Trainees- African Telecommunications Union: Jacques AKOSSI-AKOSSI, Benin: Serge KOUDJO, Senegal (ESMT): Tahirou Ouattara, Burkina Faso: Hugolin POODA, Congo: Mao MWAMBA MONGUIMET, Côte d’Ivoire: Amoin N’GUESSAN, Dodo BLE, Rahmane VIEYRA, Germain NDRI KONAN, Maturin AMOA, Guinea: Ahmadou BAH, Togo: Ayayi HUNLEDE and Tchadabi BATCHASSI