STARS Project in Mongolia

In 2010 our Mongolian Member Society MRSF went through a reorganisation and came back on the IARU scene. MRSF activities include radiosport and with the assistance of STARS ARDF equipment was bought in China. This equipment has arrived and the photo shows some proud MRSF members with their ARDF equipment.



That MRSF is back into business shows an overview of their recent activities


  • Ulaanbaatar city HST Championship. Categories: Transmitting and Receiving, RUFZ and Morserunner, Male and Female. Number of Participants – 37. Number of Referees – 5.
  • Women’s Day HST Competition. Categories: Transmitting and Receiving, RUFZ and Morserunner, Female. Number of Participants – 18 ladies. Number of Referees – 4.
  • Ulaanbaatar city ARDF Championship. Categories: M19, M21, M40 and W21, The number of Participants – 32, The number of Referees: 10.
  • “MRSF Cup” Catgories: M19, M21, M40 and W21. The number of Participants – 45, The number of Referees: 12.
  • MRSF participation in the 7th IARU Region 1 High Speed Telegraphy Championship in Poland.
  • MRSF participation in the 15th ARDF World Championship in Opatija, Croatia.

MRSF came to an agreement with the Mongolian Government to handle all Amateur Radio Licenses in their country.

MRSF renewed the necessary contracts with Government agencies as the Mongolian Sport’s Committee and they are working on renewing their membership with the Mongolian Olympic Committee.

After 15 years the MRSF QSL bureau sends out QSLs to International QSL Bureaus via air mail.