Hams radio of Burkina show themselves

Amateur radio of Burkina Fasso meet the press

The Association of the radio hams of the Burkina Faso (ARBF) met the press on Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 in Ouagadougou, with the goal to present the structure and to display its activity program for 2011-2012. For its president Hugolin Pooda, XT2HB, it\'s time that the amateur radio of Burkina make themselves known through the organization of various activities. He so hopes to recruit and to train new members.

The radio hams are people who practice, without pecuniary interest, a technical leisure allowing to establish radio links with the other radio hams of the world. The activity allows to acquire technical skill and knowledge in the domains of radio and the  electronics, and develop friendship between radio hams. On the waves, the radio hams refrain to discuss politics and religion matters to avoid, according to them, useless divisions.

" If Japan and  America have the largest number of amateur radio worldwide, it is because they have understood that the amateur service can contribute considerably to the development of their countries. In France for example, this service was classified in the public interest ". It is strong of this conviction that the president of the ARBF indicated to the people of media that his association intends to bet on the youth, in the years to come. "If we were many on September 1st, 2009, we would be of a very big contribution during the big flood we faced, from the point of view of the coordination of the first aids ", indicated Hugolin Pooda.

That\'s why, in the next days, the ARBF intends to introduce training courses for the benefit of the journalists, the high school students and the academics of Ouagadougou so that this communications tool is within the reach of the largest number. " The cities Boho Dioulasso, Koudougou and Ouahigouya will receive us very soon ", Mr Pooda promised. Besides, the president of the ARBF explained that his structure intends to show solidarity with the persons in difficulties. "We are going to make various donations to an orphanage, because the radio hams are also persons with big heart".