XT2CEFIG on the air

Following a successful presentation in the press I am now happy to report that the ARBF (Burkina Faso) Board has decided to officially open their ham radio club to visitors. This event will take place on January 21, 2012. This radio club will have a special call sign XT2CEFIG. While waiting for STARS donated equipment the club will start operating with equipment borrowed from a kind radio amateur.  The gear will essentially consist of a wide band dipole, an HF transceiver and a VHF station to remote all the QSO to a local radio station. Numerous politicians are expected to attend this event.  We hope that many of you will be able to put XT2CEFIG in your logbook. Burkina Faso is back on the air again!

Look for them on 7.085 LSB on 40, 14.120 to 14.240, 21.120 and all the SSB part of the 10-meters. Be not too harsh with them; be indulgent because you will have to deal with novices without any experience. Good DX.