Mongolian ARDF event

You may remember that STARS donated ARDF equipment to MRSF, our Member Society in Mongolia.


On 3 June MRSF organized the "Spring Leader" ARDF Event for beginners. They had five foxes with no categories. The event had two female and fifteen male competitors. Eight Referees led this event. The youngest competitor was the 11 years old Shijirbat.

ET3AA is back


On 30 May 2011 the reopening of the club station of EARS, our Ethiopian member society took place. Professor Doctor Heiko Schroeder, Head of the Technical Faculty of the University of Addis Ababa and Hans Blondeel Timmerman, President of IARU Region 1 cut the ribbon. Donations from STARS and others helped to enable the revival of ET3AA. Led by Sid ET3SID the club installed their shack and built antennas on top of the roof of the Technical Faculty of the University of Addis Ababa. Not an easy job, because before they could safely install equipment in the shack they had to repair the roof with flame and tar. To be allowed to do this they had to repair the water pumps of the fire extinguishing system that had not been used for almost 15 years. The team did a great job fixing it all and they now look at a station crowned by their “dream beam”, a 17 element 6-30 MHz log-periodic antenna that once belonged to one of the Embassies in Addis and that was saved from the scrapyard.

By the end of July more than 25 club members will take the Radio Amateur Exam. Among the candidates are many young students and all hope to receive their individual licenses soon. Unfortunately Ethiopian Security still controls the licensing system. I am afraid that more work has to be done to convince the authorities that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and that in principle they are good Ethiopians who deserve their government's confidence. Another hurdle to overcome is the examination fee of 25 UK Pounds, a one month's salary in Ethiopia. Club members plan to have an activity week. Green stamps that come with the QSL cards will be used to pay for their RAE. The mail to their new P.O. Box is safe.

The opening was shown on the national television and the club received a great number of applications for membership.


esmtAs part of one of our STARS projects radio equipment was donated to ESMT (Ecole Supérieure Multinationale des Télécommunication) in Dakar Senegal, the  first ITU Centre  of Excellence.  More than 14 African countries use this institute to train their future telecom engineers and future regulators for African Telecom authorities. The shack was officially opened by the Director General Mr. Mohamadou Saibouand and STARS Chairman Hans Welens ON6WQ. The equipment donated a few years ago was demonstrated to the audience. Malick Mbengue, Jean-Louis Pipien and Jules Dialo from ARAS gave some details about the installation as well as about the practical use of this station (HF and VHF).

At the same occasion IARU region 1 Vice-President Tafa Diop 6W1KI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dir ector General of ESMT. The ESMT training program now contains a module  called  “amateur  radio”. It is agreed that both ESMT and IARU region 1 will closely co-operate at all levels and that they will exchange information on a regular basis. Both organization will have an observer status at each other’s meetings.

STARS Project in Mongolia

In 2010 our Mongolian Member Society MRSF went through a reorganisation and came back on the IARU scene. MRSF activities include radiosport and with the assistance of STARS ARDF equipment was bought in China. This equipment has arrived and the photo shows some proud MRSF members with their ARDF equipment.



That MRSF is back into business shows an overview of their recent activities

STARS donates rotator controller to ET3AA

ET3AALast August we were informed about the revival of ET3AA, the university station in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia. Four new amateurs passed their amateur radio exams and multiple efforts to sponsor amateur radio in Ethiopia were started. A lot of work had to be done before one could even think of installing the antenna and the shack: waterproof the roof with asphalt and before that fix the water pumps needed as fire fighting capability. STARS decided to donate a controller much needed for the rotator that should turn the station's logperiodic antenna. Today Sid ET3SID, who is the driving force behind the revival of ET3AA, informed STARS that the controller has arrived at the University of Addis Ababa. Prior to a booming ET3AA signal we can expect some "vertical" operation. Be sure to hear them on the air soon.