Marconi Memorial Contest 2015 - Results

You can find the final results for the Marconi Memorial Contest VHF CW 2015 at the following link.

Thank you to all, we received near to 900 logs from 28 different countries of IARU Reg. 1.

In the single op category wins DK6AS followed by OE5D  and OM5AW.
In the multi op category wins DA0FF followed by OM6A and OM3W.
In the 6 Hours single op wins OE2M followed by IU4AZC and S53X.
In the 6 Hours multi op wins IW5BUX/4 followed by E74DNO and IZ3VTH.

The Marconi Memorial Contest Committee decided to create an I4XCC Memorial Award for 2015 for the Single Operator that made
the best DX during the contest, if there are two stations with the same qrb the winner is the one that achieved the best score.
John G4ZTR wins the award in memory of I4XCC for this year.
During the next HamRadio Messe in Friedrichshafen (Germany), there will be the Prizing Ceremony.
The ceremony will take place on Saturday, June 25th at 13:00 local time at the ARI Official booth
Alex IV3KKW on behalf of the MMC Committee