Results IARU-R1 ATV contest

Thanks to the VERON, who was the organizing society this year, we have already the contest results from our ATV contest 2016.

Here you can find the results.

Chris PA3CRX made this comment:

Many stations joined the IARU ATV activity weekend/contest in June.

I especially call it ‘activity weekend’ since that is for the majority of the participants the most important reason to join. To have the highest score is for most of us not important. In fact, not everyone and every country have the same possibilities to reach the highest score:

  • different authorisation of band usage,
  • different troposphere conditions,
  • flat country or with mountains,
  • path over sea,
  • difference in antenna allowance,
  • possibility to go portable,
  • etc.

However, the activity should be all about joining and having fun! The other purpose is to stimulate ATV activity, experimenting, showing our presence on the bands; ‘use it or loose it’.

This is very well understood by countries that joined and send in their logs for this activity weekend (again): welcome to Sweden and Germany.


  • 70 cm band is hot.
  • Enormous distances!
  • D-ATV is also upcoming, even with reduced bandwidth (RB).
  • Use of TVsharp is increased.
  • Several portable stations,
  • Some stations make contacts on one band, others on five.

The number of stations that send in their logs:

in 2014: 33,

in 2015: 42,

In 2016 it is 52!

We should consider this as a promise for next year; Spain already promised me they join next year also.

In total 551 lines in the logs.

More info will be available in the next VHF newsletter