Contest Results


The only historical databese of IARU R1 VHF/UHF/Microwaves contest results is maintained on the OK2KKW web page (MNI TNX).

Contest results for year 2017 and beyond will be regularly posted on this web site or directly on the IARU R1 contest server. 


50/70 MHz Contest - provisional results - complaint period closes on 10th of March 2019. Contact address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ATV Contest 2018 - final results. Link to this PDF file


50/70 MHz Contest - final results. Link to the IARU R1 contest server.

145 MHz Contest - final results (15-jan-2018 note: results updated with 81 EA logs). Link to the IARU R1 contest server.

Comment to the 2017 September contest results:

2017 September contest is a special one - after 33 years the "magic line" of 500k points was crossed again. The remarkable achievement of DR9A now places them to September contest "hall of fame":

- OK1KHI/p (MO) won with 591193 points in 1981 which still remains the highest ever claimed score in the 61 years history of this contest

- OE5XXL (MO) was second with 553769 points same year

- F6HMQ/p (SO) scored 554770 points in 1984 - highest ever SO score of all times

- F6CJG/p won MO section with 547542 points in 1984

- DR9A (MO) claimed 511079 points in 2017 

We all look forward to year 2018 where other teams will try to beat DR9A and hopefully more will score above 500k points :)

This article may offer deeper insight into difficulties of reaching 500k points in September VHF contest.

UHF/Microwaves Contest - final results, part I, part II . Link to the IARU R1 contest server

Marconi Contest - final results. Link to the IARU R1 contest server.

Comment to the 2017 Marconi contest results by Alex/iv3kkw:

For the first time Marconi Memorial Contest was evaluated with the IARU Region 1 Contest Robot.
We received 699 logs from 27 different countries.

The prizes will be given to the winners during HamRadio Messe in Friedrichshafen.
The ceremony will take place on: Saturday, June 2nd at 13:00 local time at the ARI Official Booth

ATV Contest 2017 - final results. Link to this PDF file