Balloon SEBA-1 (from Gliwice to space - a new world record?)

On Saturday 4th May 2013 at 9:00 UTC (11:00 am - local time), the team from the club SP9PDF - directed by Tomasz, SP9UOB - will launch an unmanned stratospheric balloon. The current record of flight altitude is 44,376 meters above sea level.

The balloon named SEBA-1 will be launched from the Aero Club of Gliwice within the project "From Gliwice to Space", started in June 2012.

A telemetry transmitter (its power - 10 mW) will be  placed in a capsule, the balloon will operate on RTTY on the frequency 437.600 MHz USB (+ / - thermal drift of about 10 kHz), 50 baud, 470 Hz shift, 7N1. To receive telemetric data, you should use the dl-fldigi program.

Detailed instructions for configuration of the software can be found at:

The capsule has the total weight of just 37 grams, including: the electronic circuits - 8 grams, the power (R6) - 14 grams, the antenna - 3 grams, the thermal insulation - 12 grams.

Such light weight load, combined with a giant balloon (2 kg of latex filled with hydrogen) should result, at least, in approaching the world record.

We invite everyone to track the flight of the balloon by listening on the indicated frequency, or  at the following website:

Source of information: SP9PDF Club Team

Adaptation and translation: Paweł Zakrzewski, SP7TEV - IARU Liaison Officer of the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK)