Fighting the Chinese Government “Firedragon”- Music Jammer AND “Sound of Hope” Broadcasting (SOH), Taiwan

SOH’s transmissions are the trigger of the jamming.
Mr Yue Chen from Sound of Hope Broadcasting shows a stubborn attitude!

The first QSL card of the Net Control Station DL0IW of DARC Monitoring, it was designed some 30  years ago, shows St. George on horseback fighting the dragon. In Christian mythology the dragon is the sign of the evil. Do you remember Siegfried, the Teutonic hero also fighting the dragon? In these days another dragon, a Chinese language music jammer dubbed “Firedragon”, has been terrorizing the Radio Amateurs of the whole world. Earlier in December 2005 the Chinese National Radio Station “CNR” was heard with daily transmissions in the 17-m-Band. The purpose also was to jam the airwaves. But which BC-station was the target? Please read more!

Chinese Jammers not only on Amateur Radio Frequencies: A Chronology 

December 2005 – July 2006: "Chinese National Radio CNR" is jamming the 17-m-Band Since the beginning of December 2005, there is a Broadcast Station on 18080 and / or 18160 kHz. It is transmitting a program in Chinese language also with Chinese music from 0600 to 1600 UTC. Members of the German DARC MONITORING SYSTEM Intruder Watch (Bandwatch) listen on the possible fundamental frequency. However there is no Chinese language program neither on 9040 nor 9080 kHz.

Also parallel transmissions with the same program in Chinese language found on 7155, 17525, 17550, 17580, 17605, 17615, 17650, 17715 und 17880 kHz do not seem to be the cause of an intermodulation product. The broadcast station is the „Chinese National Radio Domestic Service (CNR)” and is in fact transmitting in the 17-m-band. Ulrich Bihlmayer DJ9KR informs the German telecom authorities „Bundesnetzagentur“, the Office of Telecommunications (OFTA) in Hong Kong, as well as IARU Region 3 Coordinator Manohar Lingaraj VU2UR and the People’s Republic of China Embassy in Berlin to the situation. The 17-m-band is a worldwide exclusive Amateur Radio allocation and no BC band!

July 1 and 2, 2006:
The situations worsens: „Chinese National Radio CNR“ transmits also in the 20-m-Band On 1 and 2 July 2006 the program of CNR can be heard on various frequencies in the 20-m-band of the radio Amateurs, on14230, 14305, 14310, und 14350 kHz. After 2 July the transmissions cease.

August 5, 2006:
A Firedragon music jammer occupies 14260 kHz and stays there for 12 days On 5 August a mysterious Chinese music program shows up on 14260 kHz. It is a so called "Firedragon jammer". A Firedragon jammer transmits music, usually quite overmodulated, to jam another “hostile” BC station on the same frequency. Everybody knows that the Government of PR of China does not like the Republic of China on Taiwan Island. Their transmitter is the clandestine station “Sound of Hope” (SOH). So it is supposed that the Firedragon jams SOH. SOH is barely audible during the listening breaks of the Firedragon on 14260 kHz. Already during the first days of the Firejammer on 14260 kHz I inform the German telecom “Bundesnetzagentur” (BnetzA). BnetzA, together with other shortwave tracking stations abroad, pinpoint the Firedragon on the island of Hainan. Hainan Island is located in the Gulf of Tonkin and is a part of the PR of China. There is a loud outcry in Germany. Many German radio amateurs report the Firedrake jammer to the Monitoring System.of Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (German Amateur Radio Club).

A “Music Marathon”: Does the Firedrake apply for the Guinness Book of Records?
The program of the Firedrake is always the same during 55 minutes: It is overmodulated Chinese music with flutes, drums, rattles and gongs. At the top of the hour the music would drop out for five minutes apparently for a monitor check if the station to jam is still there, then the same tape starts five minutes later for the next “round” of 55 minutes. There is no spoken word, and there is no ID of the station. Of course the Firedragon jammer is heard everywhere in the world. Experienced DX-ers and BCLs send valuable reports to the Monitoring System Intruder Watch in Germany and the USA:

August 5 to 7, 2006: International Echo on the Firedragon Jammer
Guess the Chinese are back at it again. Some signal on 14260. Monitoring Report of K1IED, Larry, K1ED, Connecticut, USA

A big signal here on 14260 from 1430 UTC. No announcements, just Chinese music.
John Sgrulletta, Mahopac, NY, USA

Hello All, in Nairobi I could only hear a very weak signal on 14260. Will go on trying.
Ted, 5Z4NU, Nairobi, Kenia

I say again: BY would stop jamming if BV stopped SoH broadcasting.
Brett, VR2BG, Hong Kong

These broadcasts, however, are Domestic Service relays with China National Radio (CNR) programme 1 and 2 (= CNR-1, CNR-2 etc).
Victor, 4S7VK, Sri Lanka

BC station on 14260 sends Chinese mx coming very strong here from the North S 9 + 20 dB.
KP4SQ, Puerto Rico

The Chinese music jam returned to 14260 kHz on August 6 at 24 hours operation.
S. Aoki, Japan via NDXC-HQ Controller S. Hasegawa

August 14, 2006: There are two programs at the same time on ONE frequency!

Today both 17330 and 14260 had clearly audible signals during the 1300 to 1305 monitoring break of the jammers. The programs were different, female talk on 17330 and male talk on 14260. 17330 as usual was a little low in frequency, while 14260 was precise. The jammers seemed to be manually switched as they returned on both frequencies, but not until some seconds after 1305 UTC. (Olle Alm, Schweden, wwdxc BC-DX, 14 August 2006)

August 14, 2006: Answer of Clandestine - BC "Sound of Hope”, Taipei, TWN

SOH Contact
Re.: Harmful Interference on Amateur Radio frequencies by Sound of Hope

Dear Mr. Bihlmayer,
Thank you for your letter. We will look into the matter as soon as possible and get back to you with
the finding.
Yue Chen
Listener Service Department

August 17, 2006 – The Firedragon changes from 14260 kHz to 14050 kHz
Der Firedragon-Jammer often changes frequency from 14260 kHz to 14050 kHz. It is also audible at various times parallel on 7130, 10130, 11520, 11590, 11605, 13830, 17330, 17550, 17560, 18080, 18160, and 21660. Most possibly on all these frequencies are BC stations like the BBC, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, Sound of Hope (TWN), etc. 

"I was listening on 14050 // 17330 kHz from 1155 UTC to 1230 UTC after I received mail from Uli, DJ9KR. The RS on 14050 was 5 9 + 40 dB // 17330 kHz RS 5 9 + 30 dB on my IC-765 + 6 element. +++ 1155 UTC – 1230 UTC, August 17 transmitting station, same BC program both 14050 // 17330
kHz. Looks like the jammer moved frequency from 14260 kHz down to 14050 kHz.”
(Paul, BV4FH, Hong Kong, 17 August 2006)

"14050 – yesterday, August 18. The Chinese music came again at 1630 UTC, now SIO 454."
(Erik Koie-Denmark, dxld, 19 August 2006)

"This offender is active day and night all day, every day and causing very harmful interference to the Amateur Radio Service,“ Bihlmayer informed ARRL Monitoring System / Intruder Watch Liaison Chuck Skolaut, K0BOG, and IARU Region 2 Monitoring System Coordinator Bill Zellers, WA4FKI, on August 15. In an August 17 update, however, Bihlmayer said the mx jammer now has moved to 14050.

According to Bihlmayer, German telecom authority Bundesnetzagentur pinpointed the tx’ location as Hainan Island in the Gulf of Tonkin. Hainan Island also was the apparent source of an over-thehorizon radar signal heard on 75 meters in Region 3, Bihlmayer said.”
(Chuck Skolaut K0BOG, via John Norfolk-USA, dxld 18 August 2006)

"Just a quick note to let you know I can hear the Chinese Music Jammer on 14050 kHz here in Montreal, Canada, at 1345 UTC with an excellent signal. I’ m amazed at how strong they come in here. Quick note to let you know the Chinese mx Jammer signed off at 1400 UTC.”
(Gilles Letourneau-Canada, dxld 18 August)

August 20, 2006: 10…, 14…, and 18… MHz Amateur Bands are jammed
Since 20 August the Firedragon has been jamming without interruption either on 18160 kHz, 14050 kHz, 14260 kHz, or 10135 kHz. This means it violates 3 different Amateur Radio bands.

The Firedragon jammer jams more than 25 Frequencies beside the ham bands! However the Firedragon does not only jam ham frequencies: There must be a monitoring office somewhere in the PR of China “scanning” the short wave spectrum day and night for “hostile” programmes to be jammed.

On August 22, 2006 Ulrich Bihlmayer DJ9KR, the Vice Coordinator of IARU MONITORING SYSTEM Intruder Watch and Coordinator of (German) DARC Monitoring System Intruder Watch has heard the same Chinese music program - that with the flutes, drums, rattles and gongs – parallel to 14050 kHz or 14260 kHz. Between 1020 UTC and 2020 UTC the Firedragon was jamming the frequencies 7185, 9355, 9455, 9530, 9680, 9780, 9905, 9930, 10135, 11520, 11550, 1100, 11765, 11785, 11925, 13625, 13715, 13725, 13830, 15510, 17330, 17555, 17560, 17685, 21660.

August 22, 2006: Reply from the Office of the Telecommunications, Hong Kong, (CHN) to Ulrich Bihlmayer

“Y L Fong"

Dear Mr. Bihlmayer,

Thank you for your emails dated 12 August and 19 August in which you indicated that the source of radio interference is located at Hainan Island. I would like to inform you that Hainan Island is a province located in the Mainland China, which is beyond our jurisdiction. The Radio Regulatory Department, Ministry of Information Industry (MII) of the People’s Republic of China is the administration responsible for investigating and clearing radio interference in Mainland China. In response to your request, we have forwarded your letters to them on 22 August 2006 for their follow up actions. Should you wish to check on the progress of their follow up actions, you may write direct to:

Radio Regulatory Department,
Ministry of Information Industry,
80 Beilishi Road,
Beijing 100037
People`s Republic of China
Best regards,
Y L Fong, Support Services Subsection, Office of the Telecommunications, Hong Kong

September 5, 2006
Mr Yue Chen from the Listeners Department of Sound of Hope, Taiwan, reveals the reasons for the invasion of Sound of Hope into Amateur Radio Frequencies – and those of the Jamming by Stations of the Government of Peoples’ Republic of China. A stubborn attitude, Mr. Chen!

From: Sound of Hope, Listener’s Department, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
September 5, 2006
To All Amateur Radio Community Members
Cc: International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Mr Bihlmayer,
Recently, the Sound of Hope Radio Network (SOH) has received inquiries about SOH programs which have triggered the People Republic of China’s strong invasion into the amateur radio frequencies, which causes great distress in the communities. We have investigated the issue and hereby give our finding and positioning on this issue:

SOH is a non-profit Chinese radio network dedicated to bring most updated, truthful and independent news to people of mainland China. The media censorship in China has caused great suffering and social injustice to Chinese people, especially those who are disadvantaged, deprived and persecuted. Our program was greatly received by Chinese listeners and we have received many appreciations four our helping people speak out, get heard and get informed. SOH Radio Network mainly uses short wave broadcast to reach to listeners in mainland China. However there are many supporters of SOH or people caring about China who try to send SOH radio programs into China through various ways, including amateur radio frequencies, because they found our program is a great tool in revealing the truth. What you asked about is such a case. SOH has consistently provided coverage on various human right issues in Chine, e.g. the loss of land to corrupted officials, the persecution of Christians and the most outstanding current issue – the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The persecution of Falun Gong is a 7-year long government driven campaign that has ruined the lives of tens of millions of people in China. Innocent people were kicked out of schools or work units, thrown into labour camps and mental hospitals, and even tortured to death.

SOH’s coverage helps expose one of the darkest areas of the Chinese Communist Regime and deters the persecution and killings that is happening in China. Many Chinese people have learned the truth via SOH broadcast. The current jamming of SOH short wave broadcast, as well as the severe jamming of amateur radio frequencies, completely come from the Communist Party’s fear for truth being revealed. They are using a nation’s resource to seal off any possibility of truth delivery, and as they do that, the least they care about is the rights of amateur radio community. Through our investigation, we learned that the transmissions of SOH programs through amateur radio frequencies comes from areas around China and they each only target a local area of China with very low power, only for the intended recipients and would interfere with nobody else. Meanwhile, their purpose is always clear: Help spread uncensored information to Chinese people so that more people’s lives could be saved.

We hereby encourage international amateur radio community to read about the related news coverage so tht you are well informed about what is exactly happening inside China. We believe that the international societies including the amateur radio community members should openly urge Chinese Government to stop this outrageous act of radio jamming and reports to International Telecommunication Union about such act and urge them to take measures, too. (…) We need to address the root cause of the issue, by condemning Chinese Government and demanding it to stop such outrageous jamming. - continued next page! We thank you for providing your feedback to SOH. We ask the community which is made up of freedom-loving people, to care about the situation in China and come up with ways to make sure free information to go unstopped in China, and we welcome ideas and thoughts from you.

Yue Chen, Listener’s Service Department, Sound of Hope Network, Taipei, Republic of China

The Jammer would stop if Sound of Hope stopped broadcasting on Amateur Radio Bands!
Why are SOH making excuses for something that should not have happened? Please react!

Send your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of “Sound of Hope”, Taiwan

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Latest Developments in September 2006:
September 2 + 3, 2006: SOH and jammer found on 14400 kHz (no ham band!)
September 4 – 7, 2006: SOH and jammer found on 14050 kHz again
September 7 – 12, 2006: SOH and jammer found on 14600 kHz (no ham band).