Radio Ethiopia which is jamming Voice of Broad Masses from Eritrea!!!

If you regularly listen into the new range 7100 - 7200 kHz in the evening hours (starting 1630 UTC, lasting about one hour) you will find on 7165 kHz, sometimes on 7175 kHz, a powerful wideband rushing noise which is some 15 kHz wide and producing an S 9 + 20 dB-Signal at my 40-m Inverted-Vee dipole antenna. Also very faintly you can hear the carrier of a program below the jammer.

Who is the jammer, and which is the jammed program? 

Wolf DF5SX has the answer: The culprit is Radio Ethiopia. It is jamming \"Voice of the Broad Masses\" from Eritrea on 7165 kHz.

Ethiopia also regularly jams other transmissions in Amharic, e.g. \"Deutsche Welle\", The Voice of Germany, on 15 and 11 MHZ. Ethiopia also jams transmissions from Juelich and Wertachtal (both tx-er sites located in Germany) and Russia airing oppositional programs against the Government of Ethiopia. The jamming is \"effected\" with a rectangular White-Noise-Signal which is some 10 to 16 kHz wide. See screen shot attached!

In 2008 Ethiopia has purchased and inaugurated 3 or 4 new transmitters. 2 or 3 of these are regularly used for jamming \"unwanted\" programs. The Eritrean state does not have transmitters to jam with.

Have a look at the QSL card received from Radio Ethiopia

Check the songram with carrier and both sidebands (white noise) visible. (Courtesy of DK2OM with Wavecom W61)