Haiti Earthquake - Update No 2.

Some status reports are now coming from Haiti but at the moment , no data regarding survivors or any other 'Health and Welfare' traffic is currently being passed. Anyone trying to trace family or friends in Haiti should register their details with the International Federation of the Red Cross at;


The ICRC are co-operating with the Haitian Red Cross Society and other Red Cross/ Red Crescent societies around the world to accelerate the process of restoring contact between separated family members. Further amateur radio support is on its way to the island, Victor Baez, HI8VB, Secretary of the Radio Club Dominicano (RCD) reports that the RCD with UDRA, Unión Dominicana de Radio Aficionados, are preparing to go to Port au Prince early morning of Friday January 15 to install an emergency radio Communications stastion, HI8RCD/HH, and a mobile station. Victor has a blog which hopefully he will update with more news from Haiti: www.hi8vb.tk

Some countries in Region 1 have activated their own stations to respond to the disaster, Jari Perkiömäki, OH6BG has produced some propagation predictions for 40m and 20m assuming the transmitter has an output power of 10 watts (very low power) and a compromise antenna. On all receiver sites on the map (there are hundreds of similar receivers in a grid), it is assumed that there is an antenna whose gain is equivalent to that of an 3-element Yagi and is 55 ft (appr. 17 meters) above the ground. His predictions can be downloaded from:

 http://www.voacap.com/hh.zip - 7Mhz propagation predictions

http://www.voacap.com/hh14b.zip - 14MHz propagation predictions

Alonso EA3EPH has produced an alternative MUF prediction available in Spanish at;


Live feeds are available on the internet from receivers better placed in Region 2 where any traffic can be monitored, these feeds are available at http://bit.ly/69Mqbr