Haiti Earthquake - Update No. 3.

Frequencies in use from Haiti are now believed to be: 14.300MHz, 14.265MHz, 7.045MHz , 7.065MHz, 7.265MHz, 3.720MHz,  3.977MHz and a 2m repeated on 147.970MHz. The International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC) is also active on EchoLink node 278173 Please keep clear of these frequencies even if you cannot hear any emergency traffic - stations in the area are low powered and may suffer interference. Interesting news from the Radio Club Dominicano (RCD) group in Facebook ( Translation by Ismael EA4FSI ):

"During the night of the tragedy, amateur radio operators received a message from the Dominican Red Cross, requesting the use of an amateur radio repeater in order to establish communications between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This repeater started to operate immediately, with the assistance of Mr Joal Cleto HI8RYF and Mr Angel Carpio HI8ABC. Mr Joal Cleto is now leading another group installing additional repeaters in order to improve the communications.

The Radio Club Dominicano has sent communication teams to the neighbour country, in the hope of transmitting from the Dominican Embassy Pétionville, in the following frequencies:  7.045, 7.065, 7.265 and 3.720 (recommended for disasters by IARU) and the 2m repeater in 147.970.

The hams which will operate the Radio Club Dominicano station with callsign HI8RCD/HH are:

Teddy Jimenez HI3TEJ
Candido Guzmán HI8CJG
Fausto Alvarado HI8FLB

We would like to thank Mr. Goyco, who offered the transport logistics to the neighbour country, and INDOTEL for granting the frequencies."