Haiti Earthquake - Update No. 5.

One week after the earthquake in Haiti the number of amateur radio operators in the country is growing in support of the relief effort. Radio Amateurs are reminded that the following frequencies appear to remain in use, 14.300MHz, 14.265MHz , 7.045MHz, 7.065MHz, 7.265MHz, 3.720MHz,  3.977MHz. Radio Club Dominicano have also established a repeater in Jimaní (Dominican Republic) repeater 146.880 -600kHz tone 100Hz covering Dominican Republic Border and Haiti (including Port-Au-Prince). This system is linked with 146.970 -600kHz tone 100Hz covering 85% of the Dominican Republic and the west of Puerto Rico.

Individual groups may be operating on other frequencies apart from the Emergency Centre of Activity frequencies due to national requirements to link back to their home organisations. Emergency traffic is most likely on the frequencies listed above but please listen carefully before transmitting and if you hear a station passing emergency traffic then leave the frequency clear and avoid causing QRM.

News of Amateur radio activities from Haiti is starting to appear in the mainstream media such as this link from CNN.