Forthcoming Meetings

With the holiday season in Europe almost over it is time for your IARU representatives to prepare themselves for the next sessions of CEPT and WRC-12 preparatory meetings.   The following shows the September meetings that need to be attended to protect existing amateur radio services and to progress WRC-12 agenda items.

CEPT Spectrum Engineering 24 is a group that studies, amongst other matters, Short Range Devices (SRD), Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and Short Range Radars (SRR).   SRDs and SRRs are of particular interest to the amateur services with most SRDs active within the 70cm band.   SRRs (Vehicle anti-collision radars) use 24 GHz and 76 GHz and talks are aimed at ensuring that no interference is caused to the amateur services.   Peter Chadwick G3RZP will be present at the next meeting which takes place in Montegrotto, Italy between the 30th August and 3rd September.

At the same time a meeting of CEPT Conference Preparatory Team Project Team C will take place in Kristiansand, Norway between 1st and 3rd September.   This group is studying a number of WRC-12 agenda items including 1.23, which is the proposal for an amateur allocation around 500 kHz.   Colin Thomas G3PSM is the CEPT Coordinator for this item and national delegations will include John Gould G3WKL (UK), Ulrich Mueller DK4VW (Germany) and Peter Frey HB9MQM (Switzerland).   It is hoped that other radio amateurs might join their national delegations where possible.

A meeting of CEPT Working Group Radio Affairs (WGRA) takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia between the 14th and 17th September. Sub group 2 deals with amateur radio matters, primarily focusing on T/R 61-01 and T/R 61-02 matters. IARU is represented at these meetings by Bram van den Berg PB0AOK.

CEPT Working Group Frequency Management (WGFM) meets in Goteborg, Sweden between the 20th and 24th September. The work of this group includes the study of a report on the possible use of digital broadcast below 80 MHz. While many European countries have local arrangements regarding the use of 50-52 MHz by the amateur service there is obvious concern that this report may have some impact on these arrangements. Panayot Danev LZ1US looks after the interests of the amateur service in this working group.

Finally a meeting of the CEPT Conference Preparatory Group for WRC-12 (CPG-12) takes place in Berlin between the 28th September and the 1st October.   This group consolidates the work of the various teams studying WRC-12 agenda items and comes to agreement on the various European Common Proposals (ECP). An ECP requires the agreement of at least 10 national administrations with no more than 6 administrations objecting. If adopted an ECP is taken forward to the World Radiocommunications Conference as the view of the 49 member countries of the CEPT.