DL3TD, Dr. Lothar Wilke Silent Key

With  great sadness and deep sorrow we learned that Dr. Lothar Wilke, DL3TD (58 years) passed away in the night of April 7th , 2011 from a tragic fire in his home, while his XYL and other residents of the house escaped from this tragic accident and are treated in the hospital.

After the fall of the Berlin wall DL3TD was the driving force in the foundation of a new and independent radio club in the German Democratic Republic and then became its president. Lothar was instrumental in the merger of RSV (RADIO SPORT VERBAND) and the DEUTSCHER AMATEUR RADIO CLUB (DARC).

From his first days as a student at the Technical University of Ilmenau he became a leading organizer and one of the top operators of the famous Ilmenau contest group. Contesting has always been Lothar’s focal interest. DL3TD held the office of Chairman of DARC’s DX- and Contesting-Committee representing the DARC in contesting matters at the IARU Region 1 conferences for twenty years.

The Amateur Radio community is shattered by the sad news. In this time of bereavement the International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 Executive Committee, IARU member societies, and Radio Amateurs convey their heartfelt condolences and sympathy to his family, DARC, friends and to all those who admired him as they mourn his loss. He will be missed at our General Conference in Sun City. May his soul rest in peace.