Talk on PLT with MEP Birgit Sippel

altToday EUROCOM WG (Thilo Kootz, DL9KCE, Kurt Meerkötter, DL8DMA) met MEP Birgit Sippel, the sponsor of IARU Region 1 European Parliament Expedition on Amateur Radio for a follow up talk. Mrs Sippel has posed a parliamentary question on the consequences of PLT equipment to the European Commission (See former article - link). EUROCOM WG and Mrs Sippel were both not very satisfied with the evasive answers the commission gave, and discussed today on how to proceed in making sure that especially vulnerable radio services in residential areas (like broadcast and the amateur radio service) can be protected in the future.

Depending on the progress in CENELEC standardization, Mrs Sippel whishes to support another parliamentary question to the commission, since the resource frequency is single and  irrecoverable. Therefore it needs legislative protection, which she is willing to plead for.