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ICNIRPcalc V1.01

Short Description:
ICNIRPcalc allows you to calculate safety distances for many know amateur radio antennas with respect to ICNIRP limits.

VDSL-Interference-v3b- (002).pdf

Short Description:
A guide to identifying VDSL interference to HF radio


Short Description:
Program ICNIRPcalc (written by Thilo, DL9KCE)to calculate safety distances for known antennas with respect to ICNIRP values. A similar Program is u...


Short Description:
November 2003: IARU Region 1 has made a formal response to the recent questionnaire from ETSI and CENELEC about proposals for emission standards fr...


Short Description:
August 2003: An EMC Special Report Guidelines on the evaluation of amateur radio stations with respect to conformity with RF exposure limits.

The Role of the Amateur Radio Service in Disaster.pdf

Short Description:
IARU makes input to WGFM on the role of the Amateur Radio Service in disaster relief
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