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Youth in Amateur Radio

The Youth Working Group is actively working on promoting amateur radio amongst youth. This is done together with the IARU R1 member societies and their youth coordinators.

The main program is known as the Youngsters On The Air (YOTA) program, which focuses on promotion and amateur radio events for young radio amateurs and newcomers to the hobby amongst the entire region. A major aspect is the Train the Trainer program, this is a platform where young amateur radio enthusiast and youth coordinators can exchange their ideas and experiences on how to get more young people involved in the hobby.

With focus on the future of amateur radio, youth as has important role inside IARU R1.

These are the main activities in the YOTA program

  • YOTA Summer Camp
  • YOTA Subregional Camps
  • Youth Contest Program (YCP)
  • December YOTA Month (DYM)
  • Train the Trainer (TTT)

* Youth is defined as everyone with the age under 26 years.

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