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IARUMS R1 Media files

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Sound files

Here you can listen to the sound of different signals recorded on amateur HF bands.

PSK Systems — Serial and Parallel Modems — Frequency Division Multiplex (FDM) — OFDM — VFTs

FSK Systems — Frequency Shift Keying (F1BF7B)

Multitone Systems (F7D)

Radar Systems (FMCW and FMOP)

*sps = sweeps per second

Beacons and Buoys — Channelmarker

Navigation Systems

Broadcast Intrusions (AM)

Scrambler — Voice Encryption

Unknown Signals


Sound PicturesVideos
Four OTH radar Contayner silmultaneous transmissions on 40 m. 
F1B signal on 20 m. BW = 500 Hz
LINK-11 CLEW DSB on 40 m
OTHR bursts on 20 m. BW = 10K0E. 50 sps.


Sound PicturesVideos
Fours OTH radar Contayner silmultaneos transmissions on 40 m.
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