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IARUMS Region 1 Coordinators

Send your reports, observations and questions always to your National Coordinator.

The subject line must contain your callsign and the purpose in plain text. Attachments or e‑mails from unknown senders are not accepted. Please mention frequency, date, time (UTC), mode and idents or selcalls. You can also send, if possible, sound files (preferably .wav files), images and video files of the signal received. 

IARU R1Miró, Gaspar; EA6AMMea6amm @ iaru​-r1​.org
AustriaMecklenbräuker, Christoph; OE1VMCbandwacht @ oevsv​.at
Barhain Sulaibeekh, Fawaz; A92AAa92aa​.bh @ gmail​.com
BelgiumDomen, Marc; ON9TTon9tt @ uba​.be
CroatiaZaimovic, Gianluca; 9A5DGZ 
EgyptSamie, Sayed Abdel; SU1SA 
FinlandKemppinen, Pekka; OH2BLU oh2blu @ gmail​.com
GermanyMöller, Daniel; DL3RTLbandwacht @ darc​.de
FranceBoulot, Francis; F5MIU 
HungaryDallos, Laszlo; HA7PL ha7pl @ freemail​.hu
IrelandFoertig, Michael; EI3GYB michaelfoertig @ eircom​.net
IsraelBarak, Amos; 4Z1AB 4z1ab @ iarc​.org
ItalySalanitro, Salvatore; DH7SA
KenyaMutu, Kamweti; 5Z4BVkamweti @ hotmail​.com
LebanonAzrak, Riri; OD5RI ririazrak @ gmail​.com
MaltaAzzopardi, Dominic; 9H1M 9h1m@​live.​com
NetherlandsIvens, Ruud; PG1Riarums @ veron​.nl
NigeriaAbdulmumini‎‎, Yusuf; 5N9AYM 
NorwayOestlund, Hans Arne.;LA4EU
OmanAlbuloushi, Younis; A41MA
PolandSadowski, Miro; SP5GNIsp5gni @ gmail​.com
Portugalde Almeida, Jose Francisco; CT4AN 
South AfricaArchibald, James; ZS6NS zs6ns @ yahoo​.com
SpainMiro, Gaspar; EA6AMMiarums @ ure​.es
SwitzerlandJost, Peter; HB9CEThb9cet @ uska​.ch
TunisiaBoubaker, Ahmed; 3V8CB 
United Arab EmiratesAlshamsi, Obaid; A61Ma61m @ outlook​.com
United KingdomLamont, Richard; G4DYA iw @ rsgb​.org​.uk

The e‑mail addresses are published in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR of EU

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