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Update March 28, 2022

Shaping the Future at HAM Radio 2022 in Friedrichshafen

An event will be held during HAM Radio 2022 for participants in the program and other interested. It will be covering information of the program and a status update but we may also have some additional discussions. Please check out the IARU-R1 website.

Where are we in the program?

The different teams have now been working on defining the scope of the different long-term targets (strategic objectives, SO, see https://​www​.iaru​-r1​.org/​s​t​f​/​w​o​r​k​s​h​o​p​-​r​e​s​u​lt/). The teams participants are to a large extent different from during the workshop. To have a common understanding in the teams, the scope, target groups, etc. need to be discussed before the SO can be broken down into activity areas. The SO break down will form the basis for the planning.

The teams will create a plan for the work, which includes what will be delivered during the work and at the end. Once the plan is in place, it needs to be approved by the Program Board, which is the program steering committee. After the approval of the Program Board, the actual work can start.

The first plans are supposed to be presented end of April.

An example: informal report from team 1 & 3


  • #1: “Amateur radio is continually redefined and refocused to be relevant and appealing to a wide range of science and technology interest groups “
  • #3: “Amateur radio is seen to be providing social, economic, educational, and other benefits to society”

Team 1&3 joined forces and reviewed the workshop results and the proposed key steps. In weekly internal workshops, we developed a baseline and are working on the details.

Significant differences between national organizations were evident throughout the team’s work. We want the developed solutions to be relevant to the needs of organizations already with a large number of active clubs as well as those that will have the additional challenge of building a network of clubs. The idea is that the clubs will be local lighthouses. The result of the work of 1&3 team will be both recommendations for national organizations as well as joint activities for the whole region.

Before starting the activities, we are preparing tools that will support the planned activities. We want to facilitate the work of the national teams, so that they can focus on the activities only. At the same time, we want to take advantage of the synergy of national organizations, which by joining forces will be able to implement tasks faster, more interesting and effective.

The team has developed a good base and is agreeing on details. Without giving away all the details yet among other things, we foresee a significant change in communication to new ham radio operators and other groups who may be interested in amateur radio, as well as the general public. We want to support the organization of regular online regional meetings, which will be an opportunity to meet ambassadors of various fields and show them in an interesting way to different groups. We also plan a number of smaller activities to support our main goals, such as for example changing the perception of ham radio operators on the job market. Quick wins will be implemented in parallel.

In our actions and recommendations, we will also want to support, promote and reward local ham radio operators who are dedicated with a big heart to educating young ham radio operators.

If you want to contact us, share ideas feel free. Currently it will be particularly interesting us to have a good understanding of club activities, their situation and good practices that are effective locally in all countries of region 1.

Krzysztof, SP5E, Team lead
Contact email: contact-so1_3(at)

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