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Latest status

Update December 31st, 2021

Social Media Campaign

A series of posts are being released on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. These short messages summarize the workshop and present the different outcomes. After then end of this first series, specific messages will be sent to ask for volunteers to join the groups where there are still too few people for the discussions to be efficient.


Most of the groups have enough members and are starting, but the following ones are still too small:

  • Team for Strategic Objective #1: “Amateur radio is continually redefined and refocused to be relevant and appealing to a wide range of science and technology interest groups “,
  • Team for Strategic Objective #3: “Amateur radio is seen to be providing social, economic, educational, and other benefits to society”.

An up-to-date listing of the team members is available on the “Program Organisation” page on the IARU R1 Website. You can view the status here: https://​www​.iaru​-r1​.org/​s​t​f​/​o​r​g​a​n​i​s​a​t​i​on/

We would like to thank again the different Member Societies who have directly contributed to these teams: ARA, ARAT, BARS, CARS, CRAM, CRC, DARC, HRS, IRTS, KARS, OEVSV, PZK, RAAG, RAL, RL, RSGB, RSM, SARA, SARL, SHARK, SRAL, SRS, SSA, UBA, URE, USKAVERON.

Team internal organisation

In the beginning, the teams review the workshop outcome, review of the proposed key steps, review definition and scope of work of the Strategic Objective. They may come with proposal, including rewording the definitions, regroup, or add key steps.

Once the team has agreed on what the Strategic Objective should be, the first priorities can be set, and the different key steps described. We expect to receive preliminary project proposals after these milestones have been successfully passed.

The “Secretariat” team (9K2DB, IV3KKW, DJ3HW, PA2LS, SM6EAN) is always available to help when required.
Point of contact: secretary@​iaru-​r1.​org

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