IARU Virtual General Conference — 3rd Day

The Region 1 Virtual General Conference continued today with three more sessions. The day started with a joint meeting of the Political Relations Committee (PRC) and the Spectrum and Regulatory Affairs Committee (SRLC). Between them, these two committees steer the IARU work in the Region 1 Regional Telecommunications organizations and also in the European Commission. The SRLC also undertakes much of the Region 1 preparatory work for ITU World Radio Conferences.

The Chair of the SRLC, Dave Court, EI3IO, discussed with delegates the work of the Committee and the current challenges IARU faces in its work. Séamus McCague, EI8BP, Chair of the PRC discussed the PRC work in the European Commission and the inputs that had been made on a number of important EU regulatory issues.

Both Chairs encouraged delegates to consider joining the work in spectrum, regulatory and political areas for IARU. Those interested should contact either Dave or Séamus.

The day continued with the second EMC Committee (C7) meeting, at which work in CISPR, the international standards organization was reviewed. The meeting then reviewed the work on the threat of spurious emissions from high power Wireless Power Transmission systems and also heard about the work in South Africa on noise measurement.

Finally the EMC Committee ended with a discussion on the importance of involvement in National Standards Committees and the steps needed to increase the voice of radio services in those forums.

The final meeting of the day was the last meeting of the VHF+ Committee (C5), at which a number of band planning issues were discussed and resolved.

The recommendations of all Committee go forward for ratification in the final Plenary meeting to be held on Friday.

Although this virtual meeting is really effective and productive and the number of participants is really high, the delegates missed the social part of a meeting, a very important part to strengthen the work in some MS.

We are living difficult times, but we can’t standstill.

See you tomorrow for the next update. 

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