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General EMC Information

What is EMC?

What is EMC and why this matters for all radio amateurs. Read more here

Radio Frequency Interference Guide

useful guide has been produced by the Ministry of Economic Development in New Zealand (Radio Spectrum Management department), the principles of which have broad applicability in support of identification and resolution of radio interference issues.

Calibration of field strength monitors

In cooperation between DARC and the national standards institute of Germany, an article on the calibration of field strength monitors has been published in the well known magazine “Advances in Radio Science”. It covers a detailed description of a possible calibration setup including uncertainty calculations. You can download abstract and full article here.

VDSL Interference

The number of instances of interference from VDSL has increased over the last couple of years in the UK. To help amateurs to detect interference from VDSLthe RSGB has drawn up a leaflet, the 15th in a series of EMC leaflets which the RSGB EMCC has produced.

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